'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Reportedly Returning for Season 13 Following Motorcycle Crash, Hospitalization

Barry Weiss is reportedly returning to Storage Wars, which is now filming its 13th season in Los [...]

Barry Weiss is reportedly returning to Storage Wars, which is now filming its 13th season in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Weiss, 70, was hospitalized after a dangerous motorcycle crash in April 2019. He reportedly suffered several broken bones and internal injuries in the crash.

On Friday, TMZ published photos of Weiss at a storage locker auction that was being filmed for the new season of the A&E series earlier this week. Sources close to the production told the site production recently resumed. This will be the first new season since Season 12 wrapped in January 2019. The show debuted in 2010 and over 260 episodes have been produced. In addition to Weiss, the new season will feature other fan-favorite cast members. Darrell Sheets, Rene and Casey Nezhoda, Ivy Calvin, and Kenny Crossley are all back. Dave Hester and Mary Padian are not participating in the new season.

Weiss needed multiple surgeries for back and femur injuries in 2019. His motorcycle struck a car pulling from a parking space in the Los Feliz area. Weiss was hospitalized for several weeks. While in rehab, he signed on to record narration for Sherwood Valley Casino commercials. At the time of the crash, TMZ reported that drugs and alcohol were not a factor.

The photos of Weiss working in front of Storage Wars cameras come just a day after A&E confirmed Storage Wars Season 13 will begin on Tuesday, April 20 at 9 p.m. ET, with the new series Hustle & Tow following at 10 p.m. ET. Notably, Weiss' name was not mentioned in the announcement, a signal that A&E probably hoped to keep his return a surprise. "This season, viewers will join the thrill of the hunt at the fast-paced auctions for a look into the exhilarating, high-stakes world of storage auctions," A&E said in a statement. "Buyers go to the storage facilities, willing to risk it all, to bid on the contents of lockers and if they're lucky, find treasure not just trash!"

As for Hustle & Tow, this new series follows tow truck drivers across the country, who face unique challenges each day. "Embedded with diverse shops and drivers in both rural and urban communities across the country, Hustle & Tow offers viewers a rugged "day-in-the-life" perspective on tow truck drivers, where depending on the call drivers can either be hailed as heroes or labeled as villains," A&E teased. "These drivers - part-mechanics and part-first responders - endeavor to keep the country mobile while moving from one call to the next to get the job done."