'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Health Update Released

Storage Wars star Barry Weiss is recovering after suffering a motorcycle accident in April, and he [...]

Storage Wars star Barry Weiss is recovering after suffering a motorcycle accident in April, and he has a new job as a casino spokesman.

Weiss was in the intensive care unit at a California hospital after the accident and needed multiple surgeries on his back and femur. After a few weeks in the hospital, the 60-year-old is finally out, a representative for the reality TV star told TMZ Saturday.

Weiss is now in an outpatient program and will be going through the rehab process, which will not stop him from working. He was hired as the face of Sherwood Valley Casino, and will record narration for commercials while in rehab.

After Weiss recovers, he will become the Northern California casino's global brand ambassador, reports TMZ. He will be seen in television commercials and signed up to do meet and greets.

"We are thrilled to partner with Barry and welcome him to the Sherwood Valley Casino family," Michael J. Broderick, General Manager of the Sherwood Valley Casino, said in a statement to Casino Life Magazine. "Barry was a natural choice to be the company's ambassador as he is very charismatic, and we know he will build lasting connections with our guests and our team members."

Broderick continued, "Barry has demonstrated great success communicating with many people from different walks of life, and they sure do relate to him. Everyone loves Barry, and we love him too! The team and I are excited to work with Mr. Weiss and look forward to all the many opportunities to strengthen our position together."

"I'm really pleased to be the new brand ambassador and spokesperson for Sherwood Valley Casino," Weiss added. "This place never seems to change, and it's a glorious refuge for distinguished guests from all walks of life. Perfect for late afternoons or late nights. From the outside it doesn't look like much, and it's got a generally laid back and pretty mellow crowd, but once I stepped inside, I knew this is the place!"

Weiss' representative said he is thankful for the thoughts and prayers he has received since the accident.

As previously reported, Weiss and a friend were riding on motorcycles in the Los Feliz area on an afternoon in April. A car pulled out from a parking space, and Weiss and his friend both slammed into the car.
TMZ reported at the time that drugs and alcohol were not involved in the accident.

Weiss starred in the first four seasons of Storage Wars and showed a love for classic cars. He also starred in his own spin-off, the short-lived Barry'd Treasure.

Weiss' accident came just a month after another Storage Wars star's health was put in danger. Darrell Sheets announced in March he was rushed to a hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Photo credit: YouTube/Clasiq