'Storage Wars' Star Makes Surprise Return to Show After Bike Crash Recovery

Storage Wars will resume later this year with the triumphant return of star Barry Weiss. The 70-year-old A&E star was hospitalized after a dangerous motorcycle crash in April 2019. Back in March, TMZ published photos of Weiss back in action, but the trailer released on Sunday confirms he will be back. Storage Wars returns on A&E on Nov. 2, and past episodes are available to stream on Peacock, Hulu, and Discovery+.

In the trailer published at TMZ, Weiss shocks his co-stars by arriving in a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr with a custom flamethrower exhaust. "Did you miss me?" Barry asked in a confessional. "In the last seven years, a lot of stuff has changed with me. I've been working with a bidding coach. I completely cut out arugula. I feel like a completely born-again bitter."

"Barry's back in action. You're welcome, America," buyer Kenny Crosley added in the trailer. Buyer Ivy Calvin also expressed frustration that the moment he and his father began a search for collectibles, the "king of collectibles comes out of retirement!" Weiss' co-stars pretended to be excited about Weiss' return, although they were clearly a little scared about losing out big storage wins to him.

The Season 14 premiere is Weiss' first appearance on Storage Wars since his scary motorcycle crash in April 2019. His bike hit a car pulling out from a parkins pace in Los Feliz. He was hospitalized for weeks and needed multiple surgeries for back and femur injuries. While he was able to record Sherwood Valley Casino commercials while recovering. In late March, TMZ published photos of Weiss at a storage locker where A&E cameras were filming new Storage Wars episodes.

Storage Wars began on A&E in December 2010 and over 270 episodes have aired since its launch. The show appeared to be over for a time, since over two years passed between Season 12 ended in January 2019 and Season 13 began in April. Before the season premiered, buyer Brandi Passante teased a "tumultuous" season in a PopCulture interview. Passante and her husband, Jarrod Schulz, have continued to appear on the show even after their break-up. Schulz is facing domestic violence charges for an alleged incident with Passante in April, and he has denied the allegations.