'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Makes Major Announcement About 'Someone New in Her Life'

Meri Brown is putting the rumors surrounding turmoil in her family to good use. The Sister Wives star took to Instagram to tease her fans about "someone new" in her life, amid rumors that she might be distancing herself from the other members of the Brown family. This time, however, her lengthy Instagram Stories posts were all about promoting products.

"OK you guys I guess I need to clear the air on something," Brown started her thread. "So many of you have been asking and it just hasn't been the right time yet to make this sort of announcement. So here it is...."

"I have someone new in my life," she continued, adding a big smiley face. "He's so amazing, he's good looking, he's solid and SOOOO good to me!! He's a positive and practical addition to my life and an absolute perfect fit. I seriously couldn't be happier!!!"

She continued to boast about the "someone" on her Stories, writing: "He's ALWAYS there when I need him. He's photogenic, and Oh so was on the eyes!! He'll go anywhere with me. In fact, we're going on or first trip together in a couple weeks and I CAN NOT WAIT to introduce him to my [best friend forever]!!"

"I just feel comfortable with him," she continued. "He's relaxed, and cool, and so easy to be with. He surrounds me with comfort whenever I'm with him! ! His name is Hudson and I just can't enough of him...."

She then revealed that the message was simply a branding opportunity to compliment LULAROE Hudson clothing line, tagging the hashtag for the brand along with the message: "You are truly amazing!!"

She then played with her followers finishing her posts with the message: "WAIT! Y'all thought I was talking about an actual man??"

She also posted a new photo on her Instagram featuring herself wearing a t-shirt that read: "Just Be Nice." The reality star delighted fans with her sense of humor, with many complimenting her for using the rumors for her benefit.

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"I can't wait to see what the tabloids say about this post. I just love your sense of humor," one user wrote.

"I thought ye got a new puppy a month or more, so I figured this was a promo fer the shirts," another user commented.

"Your IG story was great!" Another fan wrote, adding a crying laughing emoji.


Brown is one of four wives in her family, as chronicled on the TLC series Sister Wives. With many rumors swirling that she may be considering leaving the polygamist union, she has commented on the show how sometimes she feels "alienated" from the rest of the family.

"It’s hard to be here and work on these relationships in the family," Brown said.. "I’m looking in from the outside. I don’t feel like I have a husband and wife relationship."