'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Struggling After Ex Christine Packs up Home

Christine and Kody Brown's split has hit a financial snag. In a Sister Wives sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode published by PEOPLE, Christine suggests that she keep her house in the breakup while Kody can keep all of the land he owns with his other three wives, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri. However, Kody feels like Christine's suggestion is unfair, especially as he could use the money from her house sale to pay off the family's Flagstaff property, Coyote Pass.

"I assume that what we're doing is splitting all of our assets, the house, the land, everything that we've got. 50/50," Kody says in a confessional. "Which is funny, 'cause she's already sold off some of the stuff that was ours." Christine explains that she is the only legal owner of the house, although Kody insists that was a decision made due to legal reasons surrounding their plural marriage.

"In plural marriage, there's a tendency for the wives to own the assets because if dad goes to jail for cohabitation, they're gonna take all the property," he says. "Christine's walking away with her money from this house in this deal. She'll be able to buy another house. Janelle can't do anything on Coyote Pass until we pay it off."

Christine thinks the whole thing is far simpler. "If you split everything 50/50, that means I get 50 percent of everything that he has – all of his property," she explains to cameras. "That means his and Robyn's house, too, if he wants to go down that road and split it that way. That doesn't make any sense." The TLC star adds, "Let's just make it clean and easy – I get the house, you can have the property."

There's also tension when Christine asks her ex to remove his things from the garage. "If I had not boxed Kody's stuff up, out of my bedroom and moved it to the garage, he would have never gotten to it," she says, explaining that her goal is to "get rid of as much stuff as possible and move with less stuff." Kody is still struggling emotionally with the move, however. "I don't actually have a space of my own," he complains. "I don't have a place to put this. I don't have a corner. I don't have anything." After weeks of dragging his feet, Kody admits, "I have an emotional attachment to this house – yes I do. Listen, I have an emotional attachment to Christine!" Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.