Savannah Chrisley Claims Mother Julie's Prison Would 'Treat Dogs Better' Than Inmates

Savannah Chrisley says that her mother is facing treatment beyond what you'd see a dog go through while in prison. The Chrisley Knows Best star shared some of her recent experiences while visiting her parents, Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley, in prison back on the Feb. 14 episode of her podcast, Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley. Her parents were convicted of fraud and tax evasion charges in November 2022.

Chrisley told listeners that staff at Julie's facility treats service dogs better than inmates. "My mom's in a facility that has no air, but yet, there are service dogs for the prison that are in a heated and cooled building because it's inhumane for them not to have air," Chrisley said, reports Page Six. "I read an executive order that [President Joe] Biden signed that said all federal inmates must be housed in environmentally friendly facilities. And I'm like, 'OK, well, this is completely opposite of that." 

Julie, 50, is serving a seven-year prison sentence at Federal Correctional Institution and Federal Prison Camp Marianna. She will also serve 16 months of probation after she is released. Todd, 53, is serving a 12-year sentence at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola. While they serve their sentences, Chrisley is taking care of her brother Grayson, 16, and niece Chloe, 10.

Elsewhere in the latest episode of Unlocked, Chrisley said it was "weird" seeing her father with his natural grey hair. "He's definitely used some color over the years, and now seeing him with gray hair. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh,'" she said. Still, she has "so much hope" for the future after visiting her parents in prison.

"I never felt the presence of Jesus more than I have in that visiting room," Chrisley said. "Even visiting my dad, like, I know I have so much hope and so much restored strength that I'm like, 'This isn't the end.'" She believes her parents are going through this "for us to make a difference, for us to make a change... Because whether this appeal works or not, they're still coming out with a story."

In a previous episode of Unlocked, Chrisley said Grayson had a "breakdown" after Todd and Julie began their prison sentences in January. It "breaks my heart to know that my parents are missing out" on seeing Grayson grow, Chrisley said on Jan. 24. "Last night, Gray had a breakdown, and he's trying to process my parents and the situation that they're in and how that's not the image that he wants to have of them."