Sara Underwood Reveals Major Addition to 'Cabinland' Homestead

Sara Underwood, the former Playboy model and G4TV alum, recently showed off a new amenity in Cabinland. Cabinland is Underwood and boyfriend Jacob Witzling's Pacific Northwest homestead that houses numerous unique cabin structures. The pair documented the process of the land's development in a YouTube series titled Cabinland, but it stopped production when the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020. However, the couple has been sharing updates on Instagram, including their latest build.

Throughout May, Witzling and the model — who is also known by her full name Sara Jean Underwood — added a storage shed to their "wonderland of artisan cabins." It's a far cry from the storage sheds you see on most properties. The couple's latest creation is a moss-covered pyramid structure with a spiraling door, and it truly looks out of this world.

Underwood showed off the finished product on May 14, but the storage shed's construction process was documented in a fun video showing step-by-step progress. What starts as four cinderblocks soon transforms into a fully realized piece of wonder. Over on Witzling's page, he also detailed what went into putting the shed together, including how they used nothing but salvaged materials.

"Every piece of our new project is salvaged," the cabin builder explained. "Most of it comes from the structure we built to support and protect the tent that both [Scott Pearson] and [Ethan Hamby] lived in when they were staying with us here at Cabinland, helping us build our castle cabin. Two years of being set up in the rainforest left the tent a moldy mess but the wood was still good. Salvaging material takes a lot longer than buying new. From careful deconstruction to nail removal and cleaning, the process is arduous but seeing what many would consider to be trash, turn into sculpture, is well worth it."

Witzling also teased he had more plans for the building, writing, "Sara thinks it's just a storage shed but little does she know I have way bigger plans for it. Built with repurposed lumber, moss sustainably harvested from our property and trim fashioned from our local sawmill's offcuts."


You can keep up with the couple's exploits on their Instagram profiles. Underwood is also active on Twitter, OnlyFans and Patreon. Season 1 and Season 2 of Cabinland are streaming on YouTube.