'RHONY' Premiere: Who Is Eboni K. Williams?

The cast of the Real Housewives of New York City is back! The show, which premieres on Tuesday [...]

The cast of the Real Housewives of New York City is back! The show, which premieres on Tuesday night on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET, will also introduce the audience to the newest member of the group — Eboni K. Williams. Considering that she's one of the newest faces in the franchise, read on for everything you need to know about the Bravolebrity.

Williams will be making history on RHONY, as she is the first Black cast member in the show's history. (The Bravo series originally premiered in 2008 and will be airing its 13th season.) When discussing this milestone for the series, the 37-year-old explained that it was a "distinct honor" for her, especially during a time when a "very necessary racial reckoning" has been occurring in the United States over the past year. Of course, this honor also comes with some pressure, as she continued to explain during her appearance on Paley's Pop Culture and the Power of Reality TV With Andy Cohen that was published on Yahoo Entertainment.

"It's a responsibility, one I'm keenly aware of," Williams said. "I don't represent just myself on this show, I represent Black women in totality. Can I be all Black women all the time? Of course not, it's a fool errand, right? But I definitely do my best to show up in a way that offers a glimpse into the lens of what a Black person in New York might be experiencing." Williams is certainly going to bring new energy to RHONY and she's going to be authentically herself while doing so. Prior to her time on the Bravo series, the newest Housewife tackled many different projects. According to Page Six, she previously worked as a lawyer, was involved in the pageant scene, and, currently, is a television host for Revolt Black News.

During Williams' interview with the New York Post, she explained that her many successes did not come to her overnight. She shared that she was previously living in Los Angeles and working as a television commentator before she got the "ultimate" opportunity to move to New York City to work for CBS. Williams recalled that she only had enough funds to either make a car payment or to buy a ticket to go to New York City to audition for the position. In the end, things turned out alright for Williams, as she explained that although her car was repossessed, she still got the job. She added about the recent changes in her life, "My fortune has changed in recent years. I wanted to show another pathway to living this affluent, elite lifestyle."