'RHOBH': Dorit Kemsley Shares Status of Friendships With Erika Girardi and Garcelle Beauvais After Reunion (Exclusive)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley found herself in the midst of the drama with several of her fellow Housewives during Season 11. In particular, she experienced tiffs with both Garcelle Beauvais and Erika Girardi during the course of the season. Where do those relationships stand today? While chatting with PopCulture.com about her new partnership with Amazon Glow, Kemsley revealed where things stand between her and Beauvais and Girardi. 

Kemsley did make amends with both Beauvais and Girardi by the end of the RHOBH Season 11 reunion. Since some time has passed since the season came to an end, PopCulture.com asked the reality star to speak on the status of those friendships today. According to Kemsley, things are going well for her and her fellow Bravo castmates. She explained that "in the world of Real Housewives, there's ebbs and flows" and that when it comes to her relationships with Beauvais and Girardi, "Even if you have some drama or some hiccups with some friends, as long as both people want, you can always get past it, move past it. And I'm happy to say that both with Erika and Garcelle, we've been able to move past it and things are great."

Of course, Kemsley couldn't reveal too much about the upcoming Season 12, as she said that they are currently filming. However, she was able to tease that there are "some new faces" and that all of the cast members from Season 11 will be returning. In the meantime, Kemsley is keeping busy by staying connected with her family both near and far. As for how she's doing that, she's taking a page from Amazon Glow, a new, innovative device that is transforming the way we're able to connect especially amid the ongoing pandemic. 

"So, one of my New Year's resolutions is I've resolved to spending more time with extended family. My parents, they live out of state, and it's really important for me that the kids stay connected when we can't see them as often as we'd like," Kemsley explained." She went on to say that she's utilizing Amazon Glow to stay connected with her family, as it allows her children, Jagger and Phoenix, to "read, play games, draw with their grandparents, and it really feels like they're in the same room, which is incredible." 

(Photo: Michael Simon)

Kemsley was also able to utilize this new technology while her husband, PK Kemsley, was battling COVID-19. PK had to go into isolation during the holiday season. But, thanks to Amazon Glow, he was able to stay connected with the family all the same. The RHOBH star first noted that her husband is "doing great" after battling the illness and added that she "made a makeshift hotel suite for him in a room in the house and it was really great having Amazon Glow because he was able to play with the kids the entire time. They really felt connected to their dad and, as wild as it is, even in the same house."