'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Alum Teases Return to Series Over 'Unfinished Business'

Nene Leakes Opens up About Husband Gregg's Final Moments may have left The Real Housewives of Atlanta on bad terms but that doesn't mean the meme queen has closed the door on the franchise. Leakes, 53, made the revelation during a virtual appearance on the FOX daytime talk show, The Real. Leakes exited the franchise disgruntled following the Season 12 virtual reunion. She's since accused Bravo's network executives of phasing her out over the last few seasons by having her film less. She also claims she's been a victim of the network's discriminatory practices and was reportedly threatening a lawsuit. 

"I'm OK with returning to the show as long as, you know, we can work through a few things," she told the co-hosts. "I'm happy to return to the show and besides, I have a lot of unfinished business with a couple of them they confirmed on the show."

As for what conversations need to be had, Leakes says she must chat with Bravo honcho, Andy Cohen. She blasted Cohen on social media amid her exit. "I think Andy and I were really close for a really, really long time and I love Benny Boo, and I helped pay for his baby shower and all those things," Leakes said. "I think that Andy and I need to have a sit-down and talk and then we're off to the races."

Leakes has left the show before. She's an original cast member, having appeared in a full-time capacity from the show's inaugural season through Season 7. She left and returned in Season 10. She was reportedly the highest-paid on the franchise, earning over $1 million per season. But Leakes says she declined to return for Season 13 after being offered fewer episodes. 


Leakes has been in the news as of late following the death of her longtime husband, Gregg. Gregg died on Sept. 1 after a three-year battle with colon cancer. Their marriage, divorce, and re-marriage were chronicled on the show throughout the years. Leakes held a special memorial service for Gregg at her Georgia lounge, The Linnethia. Many of her fellow co-stars attended in support. She also listed her marital home for sale.