'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond Reveals Daughter's Wedding Was Crashed by Unexpected Guests

It's been a while since The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond celebrated the wedding of daughter Alex Drummond. However, it's still fresh for a few reasons. First, a special aired on Food Network and then discovery+ on Saturday, giving the event the media tinge that many weddings wouldn't dream of trying.

The marriage of Alex to Mauricio Scott was a proud day for the Pioneer mom and her injured husband, attending still in his neck brace to walk his daughter down the aisle. But overlooked at the time and highlighted in greater detail on the special, is the revelation that a pair of uninvited guests crashed the party.

"My basset hounds crashed the wedding," she captioned the photograph at the time. "They heard the commotion and walked 1.8 miles down the road to the reception. Okay, bye." Alex also shared the pups on her Instagram, calling the pair her now-husband's "VIP guests."

A post from wedding planner Julie Marie Myers also shared the moments on Instagram, describing it as "Rusty and Freddie's world...we're just living in it." And if the dogs were just as excited as they look, it is certainly a wonderful moment.

Ree Drummond has been sharing looks at the wedding alongside her daughter, also giving us an update on husband Ladd after his accident. Alex Drummond also revealed his goal for the wedding. "So my dad is going in for a checkup on Thursday and if everything looks good, he can take this off to walk me down the aisle," she shared in a video diary posted on The Pioneer Woman site. But despite the prior reports, Ladd did keep his promise.


"He and I went to Dr. Kalani the Thursday before the wedding for a CT scan and a checkup, and the doctor said that his neck is about halfway healed, and that Ladd could take off his brace for the brief moments at the wedding that mattered. (But only if he put it right back on!)," Ree Drummond wrote, adding that Ladd also managed to take off his brace for the traditional father-daughter dance.

"The wedding was meaningful and special — even more so because it wasn't lost on any of us how different Alex's wedding day could have looked, given Ladd and Caleb's accident in March," Drummond continued. "The fact that they were both able not only to be at Alex's wedding, but to also be pretty much healed and able to enjoy themselves, was a total gift! I made it a point throughout the weekend to stop, even if just for a few seconds, and give thanks. I'm not letting this blessing pass me by, man!"