Peta Murgatroyd Weighs in on 'Dancing With the Stars' Moving to Disney+ (Exclusive)

Peta Murgatroyd would "gladly" return to Dancing With the Stars as a pro as the longtime ABC dance competition moves to Disney+ for its 31st season. The dancer and Peta Jane Beauty founder shared her thoughts on DWTS' new streaming home in an exclusive interview with, saying it came as a total "shock" to her to hear the news.

"I had no idea that was coming," she said of the Disney+ announcement. "I kind of have stepped away from that world a little bit, but yeah, I'm happy for them. I mean, I had no idea, so it was kind of like a shock to me and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is the first time ever that we've moved in all of these years.'" Murgatroyd said it's a "great move" for DWTS to find a new home on streaming: "I think that you've got to evolve. The show's been on for what ... they're going on the 31st season or something? So I mean, there's not many shows that can say that they've been on for that long," she reasoned. 

A return to Dancing With the Stars isn't out of the question for the two-time Mirrorball Trophy winner. "If they call me, I would gladly put up my hand and say, 'You know, I want to do that,'" the former competitor told PopCulture, noting that while it would be "amazing" to be a judge, she'd be more likely to return as a pro once again. "That's my first love, so I would not want to give that up type of thing," Murgatroyd said. "So yeah, [I'd] hopefully get a good partner and go all the way."

Looking back on her successful career on DWTS, Murgatroyd said her favorite celebrity partners have been people who "don't take themselves too seriously" and can be "lighthearted" about the competition. "I've been with the ones that are just so focused and 'I want to get that Mirror Ball' and that's tougher ... because it's a lot of work to keep them in line and keep them focused and have fun still..." Her "favorite" experience with a celebrity partner was with comedian Tommy Chong, with whom Murgatroyd made it to the semifinals in 2014 and had a "blast" dancing alongside. 

(Photo: Peta Jane Beauty)

Aside from dancing and acting, Murgatroyd is currently focused on her Peta Jane Beauty tanning line, which received the honor of Best Self Tanner at New You Media's 2022 Beauty Awards. She shared that after years of trying out different self-tanning methods as a performer, she decided to develop a formula suitable for on stage and daytime that wouldn't give an orange "Oompa Loompa" look.

"I love that we're suitable for all skin types," Murgatroyd shared. "It's always got the backing of it's about your confidence and how a good tan can make you feel so much better about going out, wearing the clothes you want to wear – if it's on stage or if it's on the street. This is a product that can do both, and that was my main mission ... I could never find a tanning product, and I've been tanning for like 18 years. So I've tried them all, believe me."