'Pawn Stars': Corey Harrison Allegedly Trashed Rented RV, Refusing to Pay for Damages

Pawn Stars personality Corey Harrison reportedly trashed an RV rental a few months back, sparking a legal spat with the man who thought he was only giving a 3-day rental. According to TMZ, Harrison allegedly took the 37-foot RV for a California desert trip from Oct. 20 until Oct. 23.

William Villafana says he was contacted by Harrison's assistant on Oct. 24, revealing that the RV had been involved in an accident and was being towed back. It didn't arrive until two days later, which was less of a shock than the vehicle's status.

Sharing photos with TMZ, Villafana shows that the RV is shredded in some spots. The awning of the vehicle was ripped off, the body was damaged and inside is filled with trash strewn on the floor, including eggs.

"There's a big gash at the rear of the body, various scratches...the awning was missing, the slides that make the RV wider those are destroyed," Villafana told The Daily Mail. "It looks to me like they left it in a sandstorm as I've never seen so much sand. It looks like they vandalized it."

Villafana says the damages range between $20,000 and $30,000, a sum that he claims Harrison has refused to pay. He also says that he has had to cancel at least ten other reservations due to the damage through the RVShare service Harrison used.

A representative for Harrison delivered a statement to TMZ, explaining his side of the situation. "Corey rented the RV, the pop outs wouldn't go back in and it was not driveable. He had it towed back to Las Vegas and had insurance on it," the representative told the outlet.

Villafana made his desires over the situation very clear to The Daily Mail. "The guy is worth $2.6 million or something like that - just pay for your damage," Villafana told the outlet. "I just want my RV fixed." He also adds that his business was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the RV was a backup plan of sorts to keep afloat.

Harrison has not spoken out about the situation outside his assistant. Pawn Stars is currently in its 18th season and fast-tracking production on new episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Villafana filed a report with Las Vegas police, a requirement when attempting to sue a person's insurance.