One 'Big Brother' Winner Has Gone Bankrupt

Big Brother winner Mike "Boogie" Malin is in big legal trouble. Us Weekly reported that Malin, who won Season 7 of the show, filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in August. The publication also noted that this is far from the first time that Malin has run into issues, both legal and financial, since appearing on the CBS series. 

Us Weekly obtained a record of Malin's filing and was consequently able to share more details on the matter. The Big Brother alum filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means that he is looking to have his qualifying debts wiped fully clean and without any obligation to pay them back. There are certain measures that would take place if this request is approved. If it does get approved, Malin would have a trustee appointed to him to have his nonexempt assets converted into cash in order to be distributed to creditors. 

As Us Weekly noted, this isn't the first time that Malin has found himself in the midst of a serious issue post-Big Brother. He was found guilty of felony stalking in June 2021, two years after he was first arrested in connection with the crime. Malin initially pleaded not guilty after being arrested and charged with stalking his former Big Brother co-star Will Kirby. He later changed his plea to no contest as a part of a deal and waived his right to a trial. 

After being found guilty, Malin was ordered to pay thousands of dollars to Kirby in restitution. According to TMZ, he was ordered to pay Kirby $23,219 plus 10% interest. Additionally, he had to pay his former ally's attorneys $20,745. Months before he was found guilty, Malin was sentenced to two years in probation during an April 2021 court appearance. At the time, he was also required to spend three days in a Los Angeles County jail, pay $70 in fees, and spend 30 days in a residential treatment program. TMZ also noted that he had to pay $300 in restitution to the court, complete 160 hours of community service, give up any firearms that he might own, and submit his DNA to the criminal database. 

Kirby reportedly got a restraining order against Malin in September 2019. Under the terms of the restraining order, Malin was barred from going near Kirby, his family, and his LaserAway clinics for a decade. When the Big Brother 7 winner was found guilty of felony stalking, Kirby's attorney released a statement to Us Weekly that read, "On behalf of Dr. Kirby, we are grateful to the criminal justice system for holding Mr. Malin accountable for his actions. The crime of stalking is often underreported. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help and reporting troubling behavior. Dr. Kirby respectfully asks for privacy for he and family at this time."


Shortly after it was reported that Malin filed for bankruptcy, TMZ reported that there was a warrant issued for his arrest. The warrant was issued after he reportedly failed to attend a court hearing in California that was related to the felony stalking case. According to the outlet, Malin not only had a warrant issued for his arrest, but his probation was also revoked.