'Moonshiners' Star Josh Owens Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Moonshiners star Josh Owens is currently on the mend after being injured in a motorcycle accident earlier this month. The Discovery star was reportedly part of a bike race at the Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, March 4 when the accident occurred, according to The Independent. Details of the accident and the extent of Owens' injuries remain unclear at this time.

In a post shared shortly after news of Owens' accident broke, Owens' co-star Richard Landry told his followers that he "just talked to a few people, who said they talked to some family members. They said Josh is doing okay." According to Landry, Owens suffered a broken leg in the accident, though he said, "that's like a hangnail or something to Josh." He also encouraged fans to keep Owens in their thoughts and prayers, sharing, "everybody keep praying because he isn't out of the woods yet, but he is doing better."

Jessica Read shared in an update on Facebook that Owens is "stable right now from the accident." She continued, "Please keep our brother Josh Owens in prayerI've gotten so many calls & messages that I haven't answered & I'm sorry. Josh is stable right now from the accident thank God I can't sleep & I'm praying & I'm thinking about all the good times We love you so much brother." Fellow moonshiner Tim Smith tweeted, "Grateful for all the love, prayers and support for Moonshiner Josh Owens – all I could say right now is that both of his arms are working fine, so he'll still be able to make some shine but keep praying please, we are a ways out."

This is not the first time Owens has been hospitalized. Sportskeeda reported that the Moonshiners star was hospitalized back in 2021 after he tore off his rotator cuff, breaking his left collarbone, shoulder blade, and ribs, when his vintage motorcycle blew a tire and crashed Owens made a full recovery.

Amid his most recent accident, Moonshiners: Master Distiller star Amanda Bryant announced a "benefit ride for Josh Owens." Organized by Smith, the ride is to "help support Josh as he recovers." Bryant shared, "We all love Josh, please spread the word and let's get as many people to follow Tim and help out our brother Josh in his time of need." The ride is set to take place on April 7.

The son of legendary moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick, Owens made his Moonshiners debut in 2012 and has remained on this hit Discovery series since. The series follows Owens and other moonshiners in the Appalachian Mountains as they produce moonshine. The series premiered its 12th season back in November.