'The Masked Singer' Unmasked Popcorn, and It's a Grammy-Nominated Singer

The Masked Singer was forced to say goodbye to three celebrities on Wednesday night in a shocking triple elimination. After eliminating Seahorse and Jellyfish, the show eliminated the Popcorn, as well. The judges gave their final guesses behind Popcorn's identity, and they then removed their mask to reveal that they were Grammy-nominated singer Taylor Dayne.

The Masked Singer held a special episode on Thanksgiving this year. Even though it aired on the holiday, the show still gave one contestant a bit of bad news in the form of elimination. During the episode, the Broccoli got the boot, and they were revealed to have been legendary singer-songwriter Paul Anka. The "Diana" singer subsequently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his time on the show and even revealed exactly why he loved working on the Fox series. When Anka was asked if he was familiar with the show beforehand, he admitted that he's a big fan of The Masked Singer.

"Yes, I was very familiar with the show. I was a big fan of the show, as is my family — my son and the kids he hangs out with," Anka said. "And when I got the call, I was very interested, keeping in mind that I've been confined here in my house in my studio. I'm working on a new album, and was confined for some time. So I accepted, and wanted to kind of get out of the house. I was in, I was down for it, and I had a lot of fun, frankly." Elsewhere in the interview, Anka shared that he was just glad to be working again with others amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He even shared just how impressed he was that the Fox series was able to pull off another season of the show during such an unprecedented time in the nation's history.

"Well, first of all, I loved working with the staff and everyone. And I think that the added unfortunate pressure that we all felt… I have family in the business and they've been shut down, they can't get away," he continued. "[Son-in-law] Jason Bateman, you know, he couldn't get to Atlanta — they're doing Ozark — but he was confined. We talk all the time, my daughter and him, and they're all very concerned. But when I found I could get back to work [for TMS], and realize that when I did get back to work, how efficient it was in producing the show, I was really taken with how easy it was under an abnormal situation and how smoothly it ran."