Martha Stewart Shows off Charming, Unfiltered Side With New HGTV Series 'Martha Knows Best' (Review)

Decades before audiences grew acquainted with some of today's beloved HGTV stars, Martha Stewart was inspiring millions of Americans on the beauty of cozying up our homes with enchanting décor and decadent meals. The beloved lifestyle expert has spent her entire career refining so much of our life and on Friday night, the original domestic goddess returns most charmingly and unfiltered in the brand new series, Martha Knows Best, stylishly affirming her sharp, crafty talents are forever in season.

Adding a little sparkle to HGTV's already adored collection of programming, The New York Times bestselling author of more than 96 titles is ready to deliver some solid gardening muscle as she tackles a number of outdoor projects at her Bedford, New York, farm with the 30-minute show filmed during the quarantine. Focusing on several aspects of everyday living at home while keeping with the goal of teaching and inspiring viewers to incorporate what works best for them, the show is every bit as delightful as its charismatic host.

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The series, which premieres Friday, July 31 at 10 p.m. ET on HGTV, kicks off with an episode that finds the esteemed and respected influencer showing us how we can plant our own vegetable garden. With the help of her head gardener, Ryan McCallister, Stewart shows off a bubbly and natural side as she connects with audiences in a fun, sometimes cheeky way while sharing the necessary information to achieve a garden worthy of everyone's attention.

Revealing how she's owned the farm of "150 f—ing acres" for more than 17 years, Stewart shares how she has spent more time at the homestead this year than any other year due to the pandemic — 118 days to be exact. Naturally, when lockdown occurred this past March, the 78-year-old brought in her "new little family" of friends to stay, consisting of her very accomplished gardening team. Further reiterating how Martha Knows Best has popped up at an ideal time for viewers, Stewart suggests how now is a "great time to learn a new craft," as the "craft of gardening is America's foremost activity right now" — and she isn't wrong. According to recent studies and reports, gardening has seen a massive uptick this spring and summer, with millions taking advantage of mandated home time by ensuring their outdoor spaces blossom. It's a move that makes the series a perfect addition for HGTV with audiences flocking to the network at a time when TV shows getting innovative can deliver a lot more than some information through browser bookmarks or Pinterest pins.

In the style of VH1's Pop-Up Video, the series highlights some fun facts for viewers at home throughout the episode, which include tips and tricks and funny details, like how Stewart has 17 peacocks on her farm or is fluent in "at least" four different animal languages. In the episode, "Vegetable Garden," we get a clear look at how Stewart stylizes her show by highlighting her main objective, encouraging viewers they too can tackle something similar no matter how small or big their land is. But while Stewart shows us how to prepare our soil, beds and plant seeds, we also get to see a more sincere and blunt side of hers, which is captivatingly refreshing. Not only is she funny and frank in admitting things like how her husband ran off or she hasn't had a decent manicure for 80 days, but it's a more welcomed and renewed side — one where doesn't take herself too seriously following years of many assuming so.

As a matter of fact, when she interacts with an eager fan via mobile for a segment connecting her with the outside world, she is not only gracious and sweet but humble as ever with sincere humility that brings a grander allure to the series. She's exactly the type of person you want to hang around with all day, drinking her simple and easy cucumber water recipe and munching on snap peas while learning everything you can as she talks about the best seed shops of Île de la Cité for acquiring the best blossoms.

The incomparable Stewart is natural, laid back and exactly what we need for the summer as she brings her iconic talents to Martha Knows Best. Dropping F-bombs, shading her husband, and even teasing to smoke a joint with her very good friend Snoop Dogg, the Emmy Award-winning personality's show is a clear champion this summer for those looking to hone their skills and feel inspired. Is there anything she can't do?


From planting vegetables to perennial gardens and stunning walkways to even grooming your pets, the series tackles a variety of projects she has worked all this time, including a gorgeous stone pathway for her muster of peacocks. In addition to surprising fans on their own home projects, she will also be joined virtually by celebrity friends, including Jay Leno, Richard Gere, Lupita Nyong'o, Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski, The View's Sunny Hostin and Hailey Baldwin Bieber — each of whom seek advice from the domestic doyenne for a blissful, inviting and functional space for even the weakest of green thumbs. It's a good thing, trust us.

Martha Knows Best premieres Friday at 10 p.m. on HGTV, followed by another episode at 10:30 p.m. ET, where Stewart teaches us how to plant various container planters — evergreen, succulent, summer and herb — all located around the farm with her gardener. The episode will also feature Snoop, who wants to know how to plants "herbs" in containers. For more on the show, the latest on all things Martha Stewart and your favorite HGTV stars, keep it locked to for the latest — and follow us on Twitter for the freshest of news!