'Married at First Sight': Stacia Tells Nate Her Biggest Concern For Their Marriage in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Are Married at First Sight newlyweds Stacia and Nate just going through the motions already? Stacia shares her biggest fear about her relationship with Nate in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime series, and Nate isn't happy about what he's hearing. 

It all goes back to Nate never having been in love before. "I feel like sometimes, you not ever having that feeling [of love], I don't know if you'll ever have that feeling," Stacia tells a confused Nate, who asks, "Why? Why do you think that?" Stacia answers, "Because you've never experienced it," to which Nate points out he has felt "puppy love" before. That "doesn't count" to Stacia, however. She's more concerned with "serious adult relationships."

"It's one of my concerns. Being in a relationship for two years and not loving a person, living with them," she explains to Nate. "Like, I don't want to be in a loveless relationship where we're living together, we're sharing bank accounts, we have a kid." Stacia points out that she feels like Nate goes "through the motions" every morning, giving her a hug and cuddling her even, "But I just kind of feel like if you were in love with me it would kind of be just a little bit deeper."

Nate is taken aback, telling his wife, "That kind of hurts my feelings, but I do care about you." She responds, "I'm not saying that you don't," to which he fires back, "Yeah, but you said it like you feel like it could be deeper. That's messed up. ...Because it's like you're saying that my affection is not enough." While Stacia insists she didn't say that, Nate is clearly getting worked up, asking her what she is trying to say if not that.


"I'm just trying to say, I feel like you don't have the burning desire," Stacia explains further. "I feel like we're going through the motions sometimes in the apartment." Nate responds, "That is one of my concerns. I'm gonna be flat-out honest with you. I feel like I'm not gonna be able to make you happy and please you, and I feel like you're gonna get bored very easy and you're gonna feel like I'm not in love with you." Stacia pushes, "But you don't love me. Right?" to which Nate responds, "If you don't feel that burning desire right now, and you feel like we're going through the motions, that's a red flag to me." Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.