'Married at First Sight' Star Jamie Surprises Wife Beth With 'Special' Brownies in Exclusive 'Couples' Cam' Clip

Jamie Thompson is putting all his cards on the table as he tries to convince wife Elizabeth Bice that the "progressive" parts of California are worth the distance from family on the other side of the country. The Married at First Sight star fixes up some "special" brownies for his wife in a PopCulture exclusive sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode of Couples' Cam, and they definitely do their job.

"So Beth is clearly trying to lure me back to the Carolinas," he tells the handheld camera at the start. "So being that we live in California, which is a very progressive state, I am making special brownies for her just to remind her how cool California is. ...Let me just say, don't bring these to your local school bake sale." Taking in a plate of "special progressive brownies" to Beth, who is relaxing in bed, he urges his wife to give them a try and remember the good things about their home on the west coast.

"You talk about how you miss South Carolina. So you know, I know we like some of the progressive things about living in California," he tells Beth, who dives in while acknowledging, "You're not wrong." After a couple bites, Beth jokes she "just tasted the progressive," but tells the camera she still needs to discuss their living situation, and whether or not they should be preparing to pack things up for the Carolinas.

"I see what Jamie's doing here. You definitely can't get these brownies in North Carolina. We get it Jamie, California's cool," she tells the camera. ...Jamie's not wrong, I know the Carolinas are a little bit more traditional, but I don't care about that. That's not what I care about. What I care about is going just to get from San Francisco to my parents house, and that's all that I care about right now." While the couple still has a major decision on their hand, for now, Jamie and Beth are just waiting "for the progressiveness to kick in," which they note shortly after appears to be the case.

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