'Married at First Sight' Couple Split After 1 Year of Marriage

Married at First Sight stars Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago-Medina are not marking Valentine's Day together. The couple, who starred in Married at First Sight Season 15 and were married for nearly a year, are getting divorced. Elloway shared the news in a statement Monday, adding that she had "no regrets" about marrying Santiago-Medina.

"It is with great heartbreak Miguel and I are announcing our divorce," Elloway said in a statement to PEOPLE. "Sadly, it's impossible to stay married if both people are not equally committed to the success of the marriage. Marrying a stranger on national TV has been a very painful, overwhelming & confusing process."

Neither of them regrets their decision and felt there was a genuine connection when they met. Even though it did not work out for them, they are "incredibly grateful for this experiment and opportunity," Elloway said. She also noted that viewers should understand that very little of their time together was shown in the Lifetime series.

"It is our hope that viewers understand you see very little of our lives during the short duration of filming," Elloway concluded. "While it is easy to cast judgment and make assumptions, please remember we are just regular people who decided to take a leap of faith. Thank you for going on this insane journey with us, and for respecting our privacy while we continue to heal and grow as individuals."

Married at First Sight is based on a Danish series and debuted in 2014 on FYI before moving to Lifetime in 2017. Each season introduces viewers to new couples who were paired by relationship experts. The couples never meet or even talk with each other before their wedding ceremony. The franchise has inspired multiple spinoffs that track couples after they exchange vows.

Elloway and Santiago-Medina were featured in Season 15, which debuted in July 2022. During the season, the couple frequently debated staying together after they married. "A few pages into our joint story and I don't want to put this book down," Santiago-Medina told Elloway in one episode. "As puzzle pieces, we don't just fit, we click. Let's continue to foster the love that we've been searching for and found in one another."

Although they seemed to be doing well in the November 2022 reunion special, fans began speculating about their marriage that same month. They noticed that Elloway and Santiago-Medina stopped sharing details about their love story. On Nov. 29, Elloway shared a reel of wedding photos and asked for privacy. "To all the inquisitions, Miguel and I ask that you please respect our privacy as we continue to navigate our marriage," Elloway wrote. "We have shared so much of our relationship and are loving the peace of not filming a TV show. Thank you for understanding, we love you all!"

Married at First Sight Season 16 debuted in January. New episodes air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. The first 14 seasons are streaming on Hulu.