'Married at First Sight' Couple Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty Divorce

Married At First Sight stars Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty announced their divorce Friday.

Martorana confirmed the news in an Instagram post, alongside a gallery of happy memories from their marriage.

"There have been some questions about the status of our marriage, so I wanted to confirm [Flaherty] and I have filed for divorce," Martorana wrote. "We obviously had a lot of tough moments but we shared a lot of laughs and fun times together too. In the end we just weren't a good match, but I learned a lot through the experience and can now say I'm thankful for it. I wish Dave well, and I know he wishes the same for me in return."

Flaherty has not commented directly on the split, but he did share a cryptic quote on his Instagram Story Thursday.

"It's time just to be happy, being angry and sad isn't worth it anymore just let things flow and be positive," the message reads.

Martorana, 36, and Flaherty, 37, married during Married at First Sight Season 7 on Lifetime. Flarherty is a portfolio manager and former baseball player, while Martorana works as a senior division order analyst, notes PEOPLE.

In October, the couple appeared in the reunion episode, which made it clear their marriage was on shaky ground. Martorana said she wanted the marriage to work, but Flaherty was not so sure. They also revealed that Martorana moved out of their home.

"For me, I've learned a lot about myself and the things that I do," Martorana said. "I really do want to fight for this to try and reconcile, to try and make up for the things that I have done wrong."

Flaherty described the previous three months as "tough," explaining that he did not think they could reconcile.

"We both hoped that it would be in a different place right now, but I think the reality is just that it's not," he said. "We went through something so crazy and unique and weird together. There will always be that bond."

Since their split, Martorana has been staying close with her friends, including co-star Mia Bally, who also split from her husband. On Thanksgiving, she thanked everyone who had been supportive during her "crazy" 2018.

"Thankful this year more than ever. For my family and friends that have been so supportive, patient and non judgmental through a crazy year. For the new unexpected friendships I've gained. For the kindness of strangers. For the struggles and lessons learned. Happy Thanksgiving," she wrote last month.

Martorana's fans continued showing their support after the divorce announcement, leaving messages of encouragement in the Instagram comments.

"He wasn't right for you. You need someone bolder and grounded! Lots of fans wish that for you," one fan wrote.

"He was condescending and wanted to change you too much. You felt it and hence all the insecurities. When someone really cares about you there's no question," added another.

"Even though you guys feel like you weren't a match, I watched a Beautiful, silly, friendship vibe [develop] between you [two]," another viewer wrote. "I hope you guys at least walk away enjoying your new friendship from this experience. When you weren't bickering, you were genuinely funny & cool together!"


Married at First Sight Season 8 starts on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime