'Mama June' Shannon and Boyfriend Geno Doak Admit to $150,000 Cocaine Habit Ahead of Rehab Stay

r arMama June Shannon's troubles continue to play out on her We TV show Mama June: Family Crisis. Amidst concerns about the reality star's drug usage, which have been chronicled on the program, a new promo for the June 26 episode of the show featured yet another update about Shannon's well-being. According to InTouch Weekly, the June 26 episode featured Shannon and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, admitting to engaging in a $150,000 cocaine habit.

In the promo, the couple revealed that they are "lucky to be alive" following their drug binge. According to Shannon and Doak, they spent around $150,000 on cocaine over six months. "It got to the point where being able to afford a hotel and being able to live just was not possible, so we started sleeping in the Suburban," Shannon explained about their situation. "It was a few nights we ended up staying in there." Doak agreed with his partner, adding, "It's been rough, it really has."

Shannon and Doak admitted that they went through "a couple of ounces a day" and that they could go through "an 8-ball an hour." They said that when they weren't actively looking for drugs, they would occasionally run into a friend who would share with them. The couple added that when they were clean, it was because they "didn't have any money." While the two went through a cumbersome ordeal related to their drug usage, they are reportedly getting help now.

In a previous episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, Shannon agreed to get treatment. She agreed to a lengthy list of conditions from her daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, who said that her mom would have to follow those rules if she wants to stay in touch with the family. Pumpkin wanted her mom to get a new phone and to take a drug test every week to prove that she's sober. She also wanted her mother to attend an in-person treatment facility. Shannon agreed to all of those conditions except for the in-person treatment facility, opting instead to attend an out-patient rehab program to keep her "freedom" intact. Pumpkin did end up compromising on that matter.

Shannon had previously been estranged her daughters, Pumpkin and Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, after police arrested her and Doak on drug charges in March 2019. The reality star allegedly had crack cocaine and a crack pipe on her when she was arrested. Shannon and Doak were charged with felonies in September and pleaded not guilty to the charges in October.