'Love Island USA': Mady Opens up About Her Unique Exit, Teases Reunion With Andy (Exclusive)

Love Island USA star Mady McLanahan took matters into her own hand during a recent dumping ceremony. Instead of waiting to hear who the men in the Villa were going to save, she decided to leave on her own accord. As she left, she shared her hopes that Andy Voyen, with whom she formed a connection earlier in the season, was waiting for her. Have she and Andy been able to reconnect following her exit? Mady gave PopCulture.com the lowdown on her entire Love Island USA journey, including her post-Villa connection with Andy. 

Mady might have surprised the other Islanders with her decision to leave the show, but it was something that she had been mulling for some time beforehand. In fact, had she not left when she did, she was considering leaving by the end of the week. Mady explained that she "was trying to give it my 100%, and I was pushing myself to see if there was another connection." However, she realized that she still wanted to pursue a connection with Andy. 

"Ultimately, I really was just still thinking about Andy, so I told myself I was going to give myself the whole week. And then if I was still feeling the way that I was and thinking about Andy, I was going to probably leave," she continued. "So, whenever the surprise dumping happened, and I knew that they were going to have to pick a girl to dump, I made my decision in that moment and I immediately knew I was going to volunteer." Since she made the decision for the group, they didn't have to share who they were going to send home. 

When she was leaving the Villa, Mady heard from both Timmy Pandolfi and Isaiah Campbell that they were going to "save" her. Although, she's not sure who they were going to decide to dump. Upon hearing that she was going to be saved, she knew that she made the "right decision," especially as she has now been able to see Courtney Boerner, Kat Gibson, and Nadja Day, all of whom were in jeopardy alongside her, make connections in Casa Amor. 

Mady had nothing but great things to say about her Love Island USA experience. She even said that the experience helped her grow as a person in a number of ways, saying, "I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself ever in my whole entire life. I feel like I was very authentic in who I am. Very genuine and that was shown. I really did open up. Maybe a lot of people didn't get to see all that I wanted them to see, but I really did try my hardest every single day. And I was still thankful for every day that I was in the villa. I had the best experience, I met the best people." Now that she has left, she is definitely interested in furthering her connection with Andy. The pair have already exchanged numbers and are looking forward to possibly meeting up in person soon. As Mady said, they're taking things "one day at a time" and are "both very excited about what could happen."