'Love Island USA': Andy Shares Where He Stands With Mady Following Exit (Exclusive)

Love Island USA star Andy Voyen had a bit of a rollercoaster ride while in the Villa. After getting into a love square situation, he eventually found a connection with Mady McLanahan. But, before they could develop anything further, he was dumped by his fellow Islanders. Now, during a chat with PopCulture.com, Andy discussed where things stand with Mady and how he and Isaish Campbell ended up forming a friendship after their explosive confrontation. 

Andy made waves in the Villa early on when he coupled up with Sydney Paight, whom Isaish was developing a connection with. While Andy and Sydney ended up realizing that they weren't a good fit for one another, his decision led to strife between him and Isaiah. Viewers saw the tension come to a head when Isaish confronted Andy for kissing Sydney. However, they didn't get to see how the two men ended up making amends. As Andy described, they had a conversation and were able to bury the hatchet. 

"Once we recoupled [he with Mady, and Isaish with Sydney] ... I'm not going to get in your way at all," he said. "So, we just kind of cleared the air and I just wanted to give him a true, genuine apology. [He] and I moved past all that. And obviously, when I got eliminated, he was the first one to me giving me a hug. And so him and I actually have a really good friendship. I'm excited to chat with him too when he gets out."

Aside from his drama with Isaiah and Sydney, Andy was beginning to form a strong bond with Mady. Their flourishing relationship was cut short when the Islanders decided to save Mady and send Andy home. In recent episodes, Mady has voiced that she "misses" Andy after failing to form connections with anyone else. What does Andy have to say about that? 

"Of course, I do miss her and spending time with her. I do," Andy explained. "And so I guess her saying that is just reconfirming, hey, what we felt in the Villa was real. And so I guess that's a little bit of an affirmation there that it could be something, maybe." Even though their relationship in the Villa ended on a positive note, the pair will have some hurdles to face on the outside if they do want to continue developing their bond, as Andy said that they live on opposite sides of the country. 

"I am super excited to chat with her and see how her time was when I left, and just see potentially if it could be something and feelings still are there," he said. "But, I also do know we live across the country from each other, and so things would have to be taken extremely slow and see if this is truly what we want. If it were to be something down the road, it would not be something where we would jump right into anything." On Monday's episode, Mady took matters into her own hands and left the Villa, telling everyone that she hoped that Andy was waiting for her. Only time will tell if the Love Island USA stars will be able to spark that connection outside of the Villa.