'Love Island USA': Sereniti Talks 'Isolating' Experience With Chazz in the Villa (Exclusive)

The Love Island USA Villa was turned upside down during a recent recoupling ceremony. Chazz Bryant shocked the Villa, and the viewers, by deciding to couple up with Katherine "Kat" Gibson instead of Sereniti Springs, whom he had been with since he first entered the Love Island USA scene. During a chat with PopCulture.com, Sereniti shared some insight into her relationship with Chazz and explained why she, unfortunately, saw this situation coming.

Sereniti wasn't particularly surprised by Chazz's actions, but she still expected to get some kind of heads up that he was thinking of pursuing another relationship. As she recalled, Chazz "never" gave her "the security or the sense of that I was being sent home." In the event that he did want to form another connection, Sereniti said that there were "three things" that he asked him to do. She said that those three were "keep it honest and kind, don't embarrass me, and don't blindside me. Those were the three requests I did ask before the recoupling."

Since Chazz did decide to throw a curveball in the mix by picking Kat (and by issuing a very interesting recoupling speech), it took Sereniti by surprise. After all, according to Sereniti, he said that he would leave the Villa with her if she left. Ultimately, Sereniti had a "gut" feeling that her relationship with Chazz wasn't right, as they didn't have the best time together in the Villa despite what viewers may have seen. She even said that she felt "isolated" in their relationship largely in part to having Chazz's sister, Bria, there, as well. 

"There was no safe space for me to speak. It became very mentally isolating to the point where he would make comments saying, 'I don't like that you hug everybody in the villa,'" Sereniti said. "He just was very big on making me mentally isolated. And that's why it came off very off-putting that I was having a hard time enjoying my time with him because there's so much happening that's just not seen." She went on to explain that she did try to address the situation with Bria to get some insight into how she should handle their relationship. When Bria apparently "couldn't even vouch for him," Sereniti went to the other women in the Villa for support. She recalled one particular conversation with Zeta Morrison, saying, "I was like, 'He has this revengeful side that as soon as I don't act the way he would like me to act, he's going to get rid of me.' And that's exactly what happened."

Following her time on the show, Sereniti is busy adjusting to life outside of Love Island USA and is looking forward to possibly rekindling a connection with Tyler Radziszewski. She has also gotten to see all of the love and support that fans have showered her with, and she has a message for them, too. Sereniti said, "Coming out of the Villa and seeing that I do have a fan base, my heart is full. I am feeling so blessed, so beyond favored, so loved. It just made it feel like my journey was worth it, for the ones that feel like they're overlooked and the ones that feel like they feel defeated. I didn't feel defeated. I kept going, I didn't give up and I stayed true to myself."