'Love Is Blind': Damian and Giannina Are Back Together After Season Finale Fiasco (Exclusive)

The season finale of Love Is Blind saw five couples preparing for their big day. Of those five, two of those pairs went on with their wedding and remain happily married. One of the three who did not go through with the process left audiences stunned as Damian had second thoughts at the altar with Giannina.

The two certainly had their ups-and-downs throughout the season, but their love for each other always seemed to conquer. It turned out, though, that Damian couldn't go through with it in that moment, leading to Giannina storming off into the streets.

Thanks to the Love Is Blind reunion, which was a welcomed highlight by the show's creator that dropped Thursday, fans of the show learned that the two have found their way back to each other. It turns out they just needed more time with one another.

At the reunion, Giannina said she "respects" his decision at the time, and that the two are in a good place now.

"We're getting to know each other at our own pace which is so refreshing," Giannina said. "It hurt so much but it’s all about what can I do with that and what did I learn from that."

Damian was very emotional when Nick Lachey asked him about his decision to turn her down at the altar. He admitted he was thrown off when Giannina said 'I do' as he believed she would say no.

"I wish I could take the pain away from her on that day and the hurt, the embarrassment to her family, friends," said Damian, who went on to apologize to Giannina. "That was the hardest decision I've ever made in my life. I would stick by it again because of where we are now."

The two found their way back to one another after the show and began dating on their own terms, at a much slower pace than that of the reality show. Giannina went on to say she never meant to hurt him and that she sees now how patient he was, saying that "it's been amazing" to get to know Damian and that her family "loves" him.

Speaking with PopCulture.com prior to the reunion, the two shared how they first fell in love with one another in the pods and throughout the process, really learned more and more about one another. Damian spoke about how challenging the concept was about falling in love with someone you didn't get to see when it ultimately could be with the person you spend your whole life with.

"It's so unexplainably hard to think this is the voice behind that face and that this is a person I could potentially start the rest of my life with, we had our ups-and-downs but we continued to grow and push through it," Damian told PopCulture.com.

Damian noted that Giannina had a "sexy voice," but the two admitted they had their ups-and-downs as the viewers saw at home.

All in all, Giannina said she learned a lot about herself through the process, especially when it came to communicating. "I had a lot of growth to do," she admitted. "I thought I was a great communicator but it turns out there was a lot I needed to work on with myself, so a lot of soul searching, a lot of reflection and a lot of growth… it was a really eye-opening experience. No matter how tough it was, I wouldn’t trade in the experience."


Viewers can catch the Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix's Youtube channel, and episodes 1-10 on the streaming service.

Photo credit: Netflix Media