'Little People, Big World': Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Make Surprising Decision About Their Upcoming Baby

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are celebrating the expected arrival of their third child. The news joins a slew of significant changes and events for the Little People, Big World family, including weddings and potential changes in ownership at the family farm.

But for the young Roloffs, the impending arrival of their new baby also brings a major decision. According to Audrey's latest Instagram post, the couple have decided to avoid the gender of the baby until it arrives.

"Bumpin' through the months back in time since I haven't shared hardly any of this pregnancy here," Roloff wrote in the caption of her photoset. "Can't believe I'm 6 months already! And no, we aren't finding out gender until baby is here this time… So cast your votes: boy or girl?"

Fans and supporters quickly joined in and cast their votes on what the gender will be. The general consensus seems to be that Roloff will be having a boy, with one saying that the way she is carrying already indicates the sex of the baby.

"That is a boy belly, I carried mine the same way!" one wrote. "On this journey with you abs I think boy!!" another wrote, revealing they are also pregnant. Many others shared this same sentiment.


Audrey and Jeremy revealed the pregnancy earlier in July, sharing a video along with their two children and the ultrasound of the new one. The impending third child is being called the "tie breaker" by the couple, as their oldest is a girl, Ember Jean, and youngest is a boy, Bode James.

It might not be the end of the pregnancies either, as The Sun reports that Roloff aims to have more down the road. A user asked Roloff is she was "stopping at three kids," prompting her to respond with an eager, "That's currently NOT the plan." Jeremy has also weighed in on what he wants in the future if his wife will allow. "Our family's growing! Maybe I can convince Audrey to get a minivan now?"