'Little People, Big World': Audrey Roloff Instagram Post Under Fire for Violating Daughter's Privacy

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff has come under fire on Instagram. According to The Sun, the former reality star posted a video of her daughter, Ember, reciting the Lord's prayer. However, many individuals promptly responded to the video to criticize Roloff for what they believe is a violation of the toddler's privacy.

Roloff posted a video of her daughter reciting the prayer, as she noted that she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, were finally able to capture the moment on camera. She captioned a video of her daughter reciting the Lord's prayer with, "Ember has been saying the Lord's Prayer every night for the past few months and we finally were able to sneak a recordeding of it, If you know Jeremy you'll get why the "glooooooryyy" is so emphasized, And yes, she has been praying for The Grinch just about every night since Christmas Three year old prayers are just the best [sic]." While Roloff was excited to share the video of her daughter, Little People, Big World fans soon criticized her for sharing such a private moment.

"Didn't they say one of the reasons they left LPBW was because they didn't want to raise Ember on it?" one fan wrote on Reddit, as The Sun pointed out. "Thought that meant that they wanted their children to have some privacy. I guess that meant instead that they just wanted to have control over filming their kids' lives for the public attention." Roloff and her husband previously starred on Little People, Big World, but departed the series in 2018. Unfortunately, this isn't the only time that they have come under fire for something that they posted on social media.


Prior to the drama surrounding Roloff's video of Ember, she previously shared a clip on her Instagram Story of her son, Bode, in which he could be seen in the same room as an ax. In her clip, Bode appeared to showcase his dance moves as his favorite song started to play, but fans were more focused on the fact that he was a few feet away from an ax that rested near the house's fireplace. Just as they did with the most recent controversy surrounding Ember, fans took to Reddit in order to criticize Roloff for her parenting skills. Over the years, Roloff, and other members of the family, have had to defend themselves against trolls' comments on their social media posts. So, this isn't exactly new territory for the mom-of-two.