'Little People, Big World': Isabel Roloff Shares Serene Photo Captured by Husband Jacob

Isabel Roloff is welcoming a little serenity as 2020 comes to a close. Monday night, the [...]

Isabel Roloff is welcoming a little serenity as 2020 comes to a close. Monday night, the 24-year-old took to Instagram to share a beautiful photo of the ocean waves snapped by her husband, former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff. Shared with her more than 100,000 followers, the post marked the announcement of her upcoming book, Sea of Light.

Announcing her latest endeavor, which will mark her first book, Roloff told fans "it was always my intention to share with you on the winter solstice and darkest day of the year, the cover photo for my first book," which she revealed was "taken by my talented husband, Jacob Roloff." The book, titled Sea of Light, is filled with "poetry and prose" and "separated into chapters of the sun and the moon, touching on the duality of our lightness and our darkness."

At this time, a release date for the book is not known, though Roloff teased that it would be "coming soon." Over on her Instagram Story, she said she had originally been planning to open up pre-orders for Sea of Light on Dec. 21, though she opted not to because "but people would accuse me of capitalizing on an opportunity, so instead you get the cover photo and titles." Like many in the public spotlight, Roloff and much of the extended Little People, Big World family are no strangers to public outcry, which oftentimes takes place in the comments sections of their social media posts. Roloff recently opened up about living life in the "public eye," writing that she first got a taste of it when she began dating her husband. Calling it "eye opening," she went on to write "that when you are in the public eye, you can't just post whatever you want anymore, because whatever you put out there would usually be followed by a tabloid or a blog talking about it."

Thankfully, Roloff's Monday announcement was met with an overwhelming amount of support from fans, many of whom expressed their eagerness to purchase their very own copy of Sea of Light. Several said they "absolutely cannot wait," while others showered praise on Jacob's photography skills, one person writing, "I love the name and also love your cover photo!!"

While fans may have to wait a little while longer to get their copy, all they have to do to read a little of Roloff's poetry is head over to her Instagram account, where she frequently shares serene photos alongside some prose. Just a week before announcing Sea of Light, she shared a photo of birds flying in the sky alongside a note about grief, in which she wrote, "I would like to write about my grief. But I don't want you to feel sorry for me."