'Little People, Big World' Alum Jacob Roloff's Wife Isabel Rock Gets Candid About the 'Public Eye' Amid Allegations

On Saturday, Jacob Roloff's wife Isabel Sofia Rock made a heartfelt post about her husband's new allegations about his family's reality show, Little People, Big World. Roloff came forward last week with a claim that one of the show's executive field producers sexually abused him when he was a child. Rock posted a photo from their wedding this weekend, along with a lengthy note about Roloff's revelation.

"When Jacob and I started dating, I got a taste of what being in the public eye means," Rock wrote. "It was eye opening to see that when you are in the public eye, you can't just post whatever you want anymore, because whatever you put out there would usually be followed by a tabloid or a blog talking about it. Not only that, but you'd also get hundreds of comments from strangers about your life and their opinions on it. This gave me anxiety (still does), but I noticed Jacob was curiously calm about it. I remember reading a few awful comments one day, and being the sensitive being I am thinking to myself, 'how does he do this?'"

Rock recalled that she asked Roloff about the phenomenon, and wrote that "his response will never leave me because it showcases the type of grounded, strong and solid person he is and always has been. 'Well it simply doesn't bother me because I know who I am, and they don't. So let them talk.'"

"You are the most self-assured person I know, and I am in awe of you. You are free, my love. I am so proud of you," Rock finished, addressing Roloff directly.

Fans flooded the comment section of this post with heart emojis and other messages of support, assuring Rock that they were behind her and Roloff. Many fans have been leaving similar messages on the entire Roloff family's social media accounts in the last week as news of Jacob's disclosure spreads.


Jacob posted a note on Instagram on Tuesday, claiming that "after what I know realize was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer for Little People, Big World, Chris Cardamone." He provided no further details on the attack but instead expounded for several paragraphs on how it has shaped his views on various aspects of life.

Roloff seemed to condemn reality TV itself, asking if there was a way to "study" the impact a reality TV production has on subjects — particularly children like him. He also wrote: "It must finally be emphasized that all fault lies with the predator, and no fault lies with any of my family members."