'Little People, Big World': Isabel Roloff Shares Emotional Update About Her Beloved Cat Milo

Fans who have followed former Little People, Big World star Isabel Roloff through the years will remember that before she and husband Jacob Roloff welcomed their beloved family dog Moose into the family, there was feline sidekick Milo. Absent from Roloff's social media posts for some time now, the former TLC star took to Instagram on Thursday to share an emotional update about her cat.

Alongside a black-and-white photo of Milo, Roloff revealed that the beloved cat is alive and well, though he has since "found a new family." However, according to Roloff, she and her husband "didn't give him, he chose to move on." Roloff explained that Milo "was never my cat. He was my mom's, so when she was gone, he was like peace out. Roloff's mother, Toni Garreton, passed away in 2014 from breast cancer.

Roloff shared the update in the comments after posting an emotional post about Milo, who she brought home in 2013 after she "was unequivocally restless" and "begged my mother to adopt a kitten." Although her mother was initially hesitant, Roloff said they "drove a few towns over for him; right away smitten by his white fur with grey patches and green eyes." After bringing home the "spunky and ornery" who was "full of life" and named after the cat in the movie Milo and Otis, one thing became clear, "Milo did not belong to me."

"Originally he was intended to be my cat, my responsibility; after all, getting him was my idea. But Milo didn't have much interest in me. He was drawn to my mother. She was his person, he decided," she wrote. "This didn't offend me as much as I thought it would, probably due in part by the fact that all summer she had shown signs of becoming sick again. His lively presence made her smile at a time she must've been secretly scared."

According to Roloff, Milo wouldn't leave her mother's side, and "every morning, as soon as she'd open the newspaper to read it, he would make his way dutifully to her lap for a nap." Towards the end of her mother's life, though, Roloff recalled how "one night at the end of January, only a few nights before my mother would eventually pass, Milo came upstairs to sleep with me. For the first time since we had brought him home. I suppose he knew then that he had done his job. Milo completed the mission I believe he came here to do- bring joy, companionship, comfort to a woman who needed it." Although Milo has since moved on to another family, the Little People, Big World alum said she will "never forget him for that. A small cat whose impact was much bigger than we could possibly know."