Did 'Little People, Big World' Star Zach Roloff Drop an F-Bomb on TV?

Zach Roloff may have beat the TLC censors. The Little People, Big World star may have dropped a F-bomb on TV and gotten away with it un-beeped!

In the season finale of the reality show, a portion of which was re-shown Tuesday as part of a two-hour special about Zach, his wife Tori and their first year parenting son Jackson, the couple struggled with their idea to make cutting down their own Christmas tree a holiday tradition.

While it sound romantic, the actuality was a bit more difficult, and Zach let his displeasure be known with a drawn-out, high-pitched, "F—!"

It could be something else Zach yelled, but it seems pretty clear in clips captured from the show.

Fans were shocked to hear the obscenity dropped on TLC, and took to Twitter to debate whether what they heard was really what he said.

But wife Tori was behind him all the way, posting on her Instagram Story when the footage first aired that her husband simply said "fudge," adding that her husband isn't known to swear, and that she had watched the clip back a few times before making her judgement.

Regardless of what was said, there's far more to be concerned about on Roloff Farms than a full-grown man swearing while struggling with a tree.

Amy and Matt Roloff have been dealing with the aftermath of their divorce when it comes to living on and operating the farm, especially now that both of them are getting serious with their significant others.

"[Amy living in the main house] makes sense, but it wasn't supposed to be permanent," Matt admitted early in the season. "I mean I'm living 500 feet from my ex. It's awkward."

"I'm either at a place now where I need to dig in my roots further on the farm and build a house that suits me, or I need to think about finding real estate off the farm," he said. "It's not easy. I've been on this farm more than half my life."


In April, Matt revealed that he had purchased a home in Arizona, although how much time he'll be spending in it is unclear. We hope a big move wouldn't be the end of Little People, Big World!

Photo credit: TLC