'Little People, Big World': Why Audrey Roloff's Cleaning Photo Is Catching Flak on Instagram

Late last month, former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff shared a seemingly innocent Instagram post showing off Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. This got some of her followers angry because they believe the product is toxic. Some also suggested the sponsored content clashed with her work with Young Living, a marketing company with products targeted for "toxin-free" households.

Roloff shared a photo of herself in her kitchen, holding up the Magic Erasers with a smile on June 29. "Dear moms, if you don’t have one of these on hand at all times in your kitchen... you’re missing out," Roloff wrote. She noted that the Magic Eraser even helps them clean up messes left behind by their daughter, Ember. The sponges "keeps our quartz countertops stain-free and gets out the tough stains in our farmhouse sink literally like magic wine stains, rings from pans left in the sink, Embers paintbrushes left on the counter overnight, even an incident with [a] permanent marker."

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While many of her followers responded to the prompt at the end, which asked moms to share how they use a Magic Eraser, others were shocked to see her endorse the product. "I'm shocked to see a paid partnership with Mr. Clean when you're a diamond rank with Young Living.. is this not the opposite of clean products in your home? I'm so confused," one person wrote.

"Does using this is the home fall under 'healthy, clean' living...I thought you are a big promoter of young living oils for home products...very confused," another echoed. "You are anti-plastic and anti - chemicals but endorse this? *but this one is ok*?" another wrote.


Roloff defended sponsoring the Magic Eraser, sharing a link to a Moms.com article on how the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works. The article notes that the erasers are completely non-toxic. They do use melamine foam and other compounds to "magically" erase messes. "You should still take caution around kids and pets since swallowing a piece of Magic Eraser can cause an intestinal blockage or pose a choking hazard," the website notes. "But you don't have to worry about using one to get the Sharpie off your kid's desk or the crayon off their bed frame."

Roloff and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, left Little People, Big World in 2018 and have since become successful authors with their book Love Letter Life. They are parents to two children, daughter Ember Jean and son Bode James. They often face criticism from followers over their parenting, most recently for a video showing Ember not wearing a seatbelt in their truck. "Also, if you're looking to recruit some Karens, these comments are full of ‘em," Roloff wrote in response to the controversy.