'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff Shares Rare Photo With Her Family Back Home

Amy Roloff had a memorable 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic. Her wedding to Chris Marek was also her goodbye to Roloff Farms, though she'll always be connected to her family. Still, Roloff has more than her own immediate family to worry about during these times.

In a post from earlier in the week, Roloff shares that she traveled to Michigan to see the rest of her family during her mother's birthday. "Woohoo! Flew into Michigan for a few days, on my mom's heavenly birthday- miss her so much," Roloff wrote in the caption. "[To] see some of my people I love – my Dad, Brother, cousin, her husband and son. Family. Good time. Beautiful sunrise and it was a cold crisp day. Love my family and my home state."

Roloff closed the caption with the hashtags "family" and "pure michigan." The selfies Roloff included show her smiling family as they meet for a nice meal. She also caught a few shots from the plane, entering Michigan as the sun sets, and then finally smiling after arriving back at the airport.

The reality star is still recovering after her wedding to Marek, and the special documenting the special day that aired on TLC back at the end of 2021. The actual wedding was in August and was quite unique for the couple. Just don't think that it was perfect for Roloff. There are things she would change in hindsight.

"Even though we had our family and friends and stuff like that [there], they're there for us," she said. "I don't need to cater to that. I need to cater, probably, a little bit more to Chris and I." Marek added, "Amy did most of all the work, so there isn't really anything that I had to do or would do differently, except that I regret that I didn't get more time to relax before the ceremony," he added. "The ceremony started at three. I wasn't even able to get cleaned up and show up at the farm until two o'clock! I still had to change into my suit, so I was pushing it."


The ceremony followed an awkward period where Roloff's divorce played out on television for all fans and onlookers. It's a tough decision to make, but Roloff had decided that the show was filming her life and this was part of her life. "It's not a fun part of life, but I tried to limit that exposure as much as much as possible or as best I could because we're doing a reality show, but I don't think people need to know every little, personal intimate detail either," Roloff continued. "You have to own it. You have to keep some of it to yourself. And to me, it was for the sake of the kids that we just [didn't] plaster this all over the place either." In the end, it paid off well and Roloff is happier than ever before.