Lisa Vanderpump Surprises Couple With Puppy Proposal in 'Vanderpump Dogs' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Lisa Vanderpump is helping provide a fairy tale ending not only for one of her rescue pups but also for an adorable couple! In a PopCulture exclusive sneak peek of Vanderpump Dogs, streaming now on Peacock, the restaurateur and animal activist helps Matt with the perfect proposal for Shannon with a little help from an adorable dog named Larry.

"I'm so excited because I am planning to propose to Shannon today," Matt tells the camera ahead of a walk with Shannon and their two dogs. "So there's that." The couple previously had applied to adopt Larry from Vanderpump Dogs, but Shannon admits she's feeling a little anxious that they won't be approved and "those little brown eyes" are "just gonna haunt" her.

Matt's got a little trick up his sleeve, but fears Shannon might sense something is up before he and Vanderpump get a chance to surprise her. "Shannon is a destroyer of systems, I cannot get anything by her," he tells the camera. "If there's something hidden, she will figure it out. I am losing my mind."

Meanwhile, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum is playing her part behind the scenes, picking up Larry and making sure the dog's collar is fitted with the special engagement ring box Matt asked her to secure on there. "I've coordinated all with Matt," Vanderpump shares with the camera. "He wants to have Larry with the ring on his collar, and Larry, he needs this kind of home, where it's secure and there's love in abundance."

"For him to be an engagement dog," she continues, "I couldn't have asked for anything better." Sneaking up on the couple during their hike, Vanderpump is the bearer of good news as she surprises Shannon with the news that their adoption application had been approved for "Larry the love dog." As a thrilled Shannon goes to take Larry from Vanderpump's arms, she sees the ring box, and everything begins to click.


"Larry and I have both decided that you are my and his forever home," Matt tells Shannon as he gets down on one knee. "Shannon, you are my best friend and the most compassionate, brilliant, amazing, wonderful person I've ever met. You are proof magic exists, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" he asks.

At this point, everyone is feeling the love, and Vanderpump herself is getting teary at the moment. When Shannon accepts, there are cheers all around, and the Vanderpump Rules boss hands over a bouquet of red roses to make the moment even more special. "This is a storybook ending," she tells the camera. "It doesn't happen all the time, but if we can accomplish something like that, thank God. That is why we're here." Don't miss Vanderpump Dogs, streaming now on Peacock.