Lauren Burnham-Luyendyk Reveals Thoughts on Upcoming Season of 'The Bachelorette' (Exclusive)

The Bachelor nation was shocked to hear Clare Crawley was going to be the next Bachelorette after fans were vying for someone not in their early 20s to take the lead. However, jaws dropped, even more, when they found out she had tapped out on Week Two. It was only a matter of weeks before Crawley knew who she wanted to be with, so it was then announced Crawley would be stepping down and Tayshia Adams — from Colton Underwood's season — would be stepping in. Former Bachelor contestant Lauren Burnham-Luyendyk, who married former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, admitted in an exclusive interview with how the two still watch the show and the new season has certainly piqued their curiosity.

"I think it's great," Burnham-Luyendyk started. "I mean, Clare was obviously, like, she was not somebody that everyone expected to be The Bachelorette. I think kind of like Arie was when he was chosen for his season. I think she's really there, like, ready to find love and that's gonna be fun watching her journey and from what I've heard, she did find that. I'm really excited for her."

Continuing to share her thoughts of Adams, she adds: "And then also for Tayshia, I met her earlier this year and she's just a sweet soul and I hit it off with her immediately. I can't wait for her to find her love story too. It's gonna be a lot of fun to watch." There's a lot of questions among fans on how producers will approach this season since there will be two lead Bachelorettes, even Luyendyk is wondering how this season, which is set to air Oct. 13, will pan out.

"I have no idea. Like, it's gonna be insane to watch it because I don't know how they handle it. Do they keep the same contestants there the whole time that were with Clare?" she questioned, like everyone else. "I don't know how they're gonna handle it, but it's gonna be fun to watch."

In fact, the mom-of-one, who recently announced she and Arie are currently trying for another baby, admitted the two still love watching the show, confessing how her husband is a pretty big "fan girl" for The Bachelorette. "Yeah, we watch it," she said. "I honestly feel like Arie is just a huge fan girl for The Bachelorette. He's gonna hate that I said that."


She went on to say how the two love watching it even more now because they'll recognize producers and understand a bit more of what's really going on. "Yeah, it's kind of fun for us now because we can, it's kind of like I spy the producers," Burnham-Luyendyk said. "We're like, 'Oh my gosh, I just saw Megan or whoever in the background.' Or sometimes when they're in interviews, you can tell who's interviewing via the responses to some of the questions. So it's kind of we have a new perspective on it now."