Kim Kardashian Reveals Her '97-Year-Old Granny' Habit

Is Kim Kardashian West's workout of choice fit for a granny? Her best friend seems to think so.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the middle Kardashian sister and friend Jonathan Cheban discussed their plans to overhaul their lifestyles by dieting and working out.

"I'm really impressed with your self-control. I think it's really good," Cheban told his famous friend. "It shows me that you are possibly thinking of changing a lifestyle."

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But on the topic of exercise, Cheban admitted he wasn't impressed by Kardashian West's "walking" routine.

"I go to the gym. All you do is walk up and down hills. You're like a 97-year-old granny," he joked.

"Every morning I'm in New York I see, 'Here we go! I'm going walking!' Every morning I'm like, 'Where's the exercise?' I wanna see the Golden Girls up and down the hill," he added.

As if her toned curves weren't enough proof, Kardashian West put Cheban to the test by making him try her hill-walking routine — and hilarity ensues.

Also in the next episode of KUWTK, Kardashian West enlists the help of super fit body builder and trainer Melissa Alcantara.

The reality cast member met Alcantara for a workout at Gunnar Peterson's studio in L.A., where they rocked through squats, lunges with weights and a rope workout. "I know I could get abs—I've never been pushed to get them, but I know I could," Kardashian West said.

She wasn't kidding about a lifestyle change, which is admittedly "mostly food."

Alcantara cleaned out Kardashian West's pantry of "processed crap" like graham crackers and rice crispy treats, and told the celeb she'd help her learn to make "food simple" and use fresh, healthy ingredients.

"Portion control [is important] too," she added.


And though she labeled it as a "crazy strict diet," the pair seem to be going strong as Alcantara recently raved about Kardashian West's work ethic and physical ability.

The reality personality is clearly loving her results as she shared a saucy, ab-baring video to celebrate her birthday in late October.