Khloe Kardashian Reveals Who She Called First About Her Pregnancy

On Thursday night, Khloe Kardashian stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she shared plenty of details about her pregnancy and plans for giving birth.

When asked, Kardashian said that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson was the first person she called to reveal her pregnancy. She fondly remembered that Thompson already had a feeling that she was pregnant and she didn't believe him. By the time she took a test and got a positive result, he was out of the country, but she couldn't wait to tell him, so she called him overseas.

Kardashian said that for those first few weeks, only she, Thompson, and her assistant, Alexa, knew about the pregnancy. Alexa was in on it because she had to covertly run the errand to get the test.

The reality star told Kimmel that she deliberately waited to reveal her pregnancy to her family on camera, so it could be included in the show. This prompted Kimmel to ask: "So the crew knew you were pregnant before your sisters knew you were pregnant?"

"They did, yes," Kardashian said smiling. She went on to say that the crew, who have been consistent on Keeping Up With The Kardashians since 2007, are so close they're like family at this point, and they have the discretion to keep secrets of this magnitude.

Khloe spoke briefly about her sister, Kourtney, who she good-naturedly said has given the most annoying pregnancy advice so far. Later, when discussing who would be in the delivery room, she said: "whoever won't annoy me the least. Whoever's going to be the calmest, I can deal with." Sounds like that might count Kourtney out.

Finally, Kardashian revealed that she plans to have her firstborn in Cleveland, Ohio, where her boyfriend plays for the Cavaliers. Kimmel asked what the contingency plan is if she goes into labor while Thompson is in the middle of a game.

"I haven't said that," she answered thoughtfully. "I just kind of assumed that was known. You have to say that?"

"Well, yeah," Kimmel said, "because a lot athletes will not be there because--"

"Hell no," Kardashian said, interrupting him. "No. He has to be there."


Of course, the entire Kardashian clan will also travel to Cleveland for the momentous occasion. "Watch out, Ohio," Kardashian said.