'Kate Plus 8' Fans Cannot Get Over How Grown up Kate Gosselin's Kids Are

Although fans have watched Kate Gosselin's children grow up, they are freaking out after being reminded just how old they are.

Fans of Kate Plus 8 were thrown for a loop on Sunday when Kate Gosselin posted an image to her Instagram. The snap shows sextuplets Leah and Hannah teaming up to kill an annoying fly in the house, with Leah standing on top of her sister to reach the buzzing fiend.

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(Photo: Instagram / @kateplusmy8)

"Almost 14 and they STILL do this! I looked up after hearing them say 'oh there's a fly!' Leah grabbed the fly swatter and without any discussion, Hannah immediately turned herself into the step stool and Leah hopped up," the mom of eight captioned the image.

While the ingenious way that Leah and Hannah worked together to kill a fly buzzing around the house certainly earned praise from commenters, many fans were more shocked by how old the Gosselin children are.

"Almost 14!? Omg where did time go," one shocked fan wrote in the comments.

"FREAKING ALMOST 14 I legit watched their turning 13 ep (okay that aired like 2 months after their 13th bday and there's still 3 months until their 14th bday but still you can't just say almost 14 like it's a random statement)," one fan commented.

"I can't believe they are almost 14!! That is unbelievable. They are beautiful. You have a beautiful family Kate. God bless," another fan wrote.


"And I can't believe Mady and cara are turning 18. Where does the time go," wrote another.

Fans have watched the eight Gosselin children grow up from the moment of their infancy to the moment they stepped into their teenage years, first on Jon & Kate Plus 8 and later on Kate Plus 8. Intimate moments of their lives have also been shared on their mother's Instagram, giving fans of the large family a glimpse into their lives, including the sextuplets birthday party and the "Braces off Party" she threw for Leah in December.