Kailyn Lowry Gets Candid About Surgery Plans

Kailyn Lowry is coming clean about her decisions to go under the knife, months after initially backing out from undergoing plastic surgery.

The Teen Mom 2 star discussed her plastic surgery plans on her podcast Coffee Convos, revealing she wants to get a breast reduction because her cup size is reportedly 44DDD.

"They're massive! It weighs me down. I already have bad posture and my boobs add to it," the mother-of-three admitted, InTouch Weekly reports. "I'm like please, let me get cleared for this! When my trainer came here the other day, he took all my measurements to do the weight loss stuff, I was like, he went to obviously measure my chest and stuff too, checking everything," Lowry said. "I wear a 36DDD, we talked about that before, when he took my measurements, it was 44 inches!"

(Photo: Instagram / @kaillowry)

"I don't think I'm even wearing the right size bra. I don't even think there is a 44DDD," Kailyn added. "I'm so big and I'm super nervous and hopeful that I can get the surgery."

The Teen Mom 2 star previously discussed her discomfort in a tweet on May 23, writing: "My t—s are just too big and I can't wait to get a reduction."

Fans of the reality star were quick to support Lowry after she was so open with them about her discomforts.

"You won't regret it! Best decision I've made," one person replied to the tweet.

Another said: "I loved mine. Best thing I ever did. Didn't even really notice them missing, [I] just felt better. My insurance paid every penny for it."

Back in March, Lowry shared an image of herself wearing a harness before skydiving in Hawaii with fellow Teen Mom Leah Messer.

"[Laugh my f— a— off] my t—s are massive," joked Kailyn in response to the photo.

The reality star almost got plastic surgery back in January, when she traveled to Miami to get a "limo & a boob job," but reconsidered at the last minute.

Instead, the Teen Mom 2 cast member announced at the time she'd be spending the money on a nutritionist and go back to hitting the gym.

"I won't lie to y'all, i came to Miami for lipo & a boob job. But hours before my surgery i decided i don't want to go through with it," she wrote on Twitter. "When i get home I'll use the money i was gona spend on surgery for a nutritionist & get back into working out."


Whatever makes you happy and more comfortable, Kailyn.