Justin and Claire Duggar's Quirks Surface After Moving in Together Following Wedding

The Duggar family has already had two weddings in 2021, including Justin Duggar, 18, to family friend Claire Spivey, 19. The couple married in February after a brief engagement and courtship. They went public with their courtship in September and were engaged two months later. The Counting On stars tied the knot on February 26, making Justin the youngest of the Duggar kids (the 14th of 19) to get married.

"There is nothing comparable to finding the one you are meant to spend your life with," the couple said when announcing their engagement in a statement released by TLC. "We know we have found that in each other. We cannot wait to be married and are looking forward to a life together of faith in Christ, love for one another and happiness!”

Now that they've had some time together as a married couple, Justin and Claire are learning more and more about each other. The Duggar children are not allowed to spend any alone time with their romantic partners, so now that the couple can actually get to know each other, they're finally getting to know each other's quirks. "The wedding day was awesome,” Justin said in a new preview video from TLC. “I mean, of course, that’s every guy’s expression, but it was really something that was super memorable and I wish we could go back to that day every once in a while — and just replay it all over again.”

"In the mornings, I’ll have to get up and have a little time to get ready and whatever, and he can wake up and be like, 'Oh! I’m supposed to be out the door in ten minutes. Got to go!'" Claire explained. Justin revealed that Claire has her own morning needs to start the day. "She can’t go in the mornings without a cup of tea — hot tea," he said. "She always has to have her hot Earl Grey tea and done a certain way, which I’m figuring out."


The couple met at a conference in 2019, but their families have known each other for much longer. "Justin and I’s families have known each other for over 20 years, so before either he or I was born. And we got connected last year," Claire explained to InTouch. "Something I really admire in Justin is how serious-minded he is, but his ability to have fun and to just see the bright side of things no matter what. He always looks for the best in people and I want to be more like him every day."