'Counting On': Was Claire Spivey Supposed to Marry Another Duggar?

Fans of Counting On and The Duggar family find plenty of time to speculate about the family, [...]

Fans of Counting On and The Duggar family find plenty of time to speculate about the family, almost creating drama out of nothing. Amid news of Jed Duggar's wedding and the secrecy surrounding it, some are still looking back at Justin Duggar's wedding and his wife, Claire Spivey.

This rumor comes from TV Shows Ace and the fans over at DuggarBates_Confessions on Instagram. The page showcases some rampant speculation about the TLC family, which might wrinkle the typical outsider's brain a bit more than needed. Specifically, it involves a user claiming that Hilary Spivey, the mother of Claire, "secretly wished" that her daughter married another member if the Duggar family.

While this sounds ridiculous and considered foolish even by most fan account members, it shows how some people will stretch reality to fit a narrative or receive klout online. And it typically comes at the expense of celebrities, reality stars and, in this case, a regular person connected to a famous name by the thinnest of means.

"I think they were in opposite roles in the wedding and Jason is friends with her sons so she has a good, healthy relationship with him," one commenter wrote on the fan account's post. "I think they walked together in the wedding party, everyone chillm" another added, noting that Jason Duggar and Hilary Spivey were best man and maid of honor at the ceremony.

The page also includes speculation without much merit for Jessa Duggar's children, Jana Duggar's continued single life and plenty about the Bringing up Bates clan.

Hilary Spivey hasn't wasted time addressing most of the rumors related to her daughter's marriage and any connection to Jason Duggar. She does have an affection for Jason Duggar, much like other families do for friends that make themselves welcome. But responding to a comment on a post relating to her daughter being out of the house, Spivey shut down another assumption about the Duggar son.

"Are you adopting this one as well? Possibly arranging something with your other daughter?" a fan asked in the comments, prompting Spivey to pour cold water on the idea (via InTouch). "We would love to have Jason in our fam but no, our gal is too young," she wrote. "We do say that he is part of the fam now that Justin and Claire are married. Friends come and go, but family is forever."

So in the end, fan speculation is all over the place when it comes to the Duggar family and any other families in their orbit. But it's good to step back and remember that these are real people too, not pawns in a dramatic soap opera.