Joy-Anna Duggar and Husband Austin Blasted by Fans for the Way They Hold Hands

The Duggar kids are no strangers to criticism from fans of Counting On on TLC. But Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth recently got some strange criticism for something almost every couple on the planet do according to InTouch Weekly.

The Counting On stars posted a new photo of the pair holding hands, leading to fans critiquing and slamming their handholding technique. Much of the criticism was a takeoff of their caption for the couple.

"🎶'The spaces between my fingers are right where your's fit perfectly'🎶 [manly hands] [just hold my hand] [my best friend] [Austin Martyn Forsyth]," the caption for the photo read.

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This opened the door for critics to land a few blows on the couple.

"But then you're holding hands like potatoes not like french fries," one wrote in reference to the technique.

"But like, the space in between your fingers isn't where your spouse's are?" another pointed out.

Luckily, the couple had many fans too who chimed in with support for the innocent photo and technique.

"I love a man with hard working hands … you have a gem," one supporter wrote.

"Don't ever let go! You're right where you belong!" another tossed in for support.

The criticism of the couple seems misplaced given the recent tragedy the couple was forced to endure after the loss of their child. Duggar's family circled around her for support following the loss and she has been quite open about her grief following the loss, with plenty of crying tossed in. Her sister Jana Duggar came out to support her with a girls day recently to brighten things up.

It was also revealed that the couple have been living out of an RV for most of the year, sharing the revelation on Instagram as they continue to try flipping homes throughout Arkansas.


"First of all, we just started building a new house to sell, not for us to live in. But we did one last year and we did really well and so we're excited to be starting another one. And then second of all here's our house," she said in the video before showing the RV.

"I think it's pretty cool. It's a fifth wheel camper. It's a 32-foot-long camper. It has three slideouts," she explained. "It fits our family great, we've been living in it for like nine months to a year, and I live it. It's hard sometimes because you don't have a bigger kitchen or space, but it works great, perfect size for us."