Josh and Anna Duggar Blasted by Fans for New Pacifier Photo Posted

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar have found themselves in a little bit of hot water with their fans. And the whole drama was sparked by a recent photo of their newborn daughter, Maryella, in which she can be spotted with a pacifier that some have said may be a choking hazard.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, Anna posted a photo of Maryella wearing a KicKee Pants outfit and a pacifier that was attached to a wooden cord of beads. According to InTouch Weekly, one fan pointed out exactly why they were concerned over Anna's photo.

"[I] am a super worry wart," they commented. "So [I'm] a little worried about her pacifier bead holder. If they break, it's such a [choking hazard], @annadugger."

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While some fans were focused on Maryella's pacifier, others were more concerned with the little one's appearance in the photo. As InTouch Weekly also noted, some fans noticed that Maryella's skin appeared to have a sort of yellowish tint to it. Although, that could simply be explained by the lighting for the snap or possibly an Instagram filter.

Anna and Josh have yet to respond to fans' worries.

The couple has only recently welcomed their daughter into their family. On Nov. 27, Anna revealed that she had given birth to their sixth child.

"Maryella Hope arrived one day ahead of Thanksgiving Day 2019 and a great reminder to be grateful for all God has done for us!" she wrote on Instagram. "We are so excited and thankful to God for His special blessing giving us this precious, happy & healthy baby girl!"

A few days after Maryella's arrival, Anna described exactly how her daughter's name came to be. According to the mom-of-six, they named their youngest daughter "Maryella" in honor of the late Mary Duggar, who passed away in June.


"So many of you have here's the story behind the name Maryella Hope!" she began to explain on Instagram. "When Josh's grandma passed away we considered the name Mary, but we were hesitant because Grandma (Mary Duggar) was such a special lady and we wanted our daughter's name to be a reminder of how special Grandma was and carry on her legacy, but without feeling like we were trying to replace her."

She continued, "Soon, our baby name list that we had narrowed down to 3 names had grown to a list of about dozen Mary-hyphenated names. As we continued chatting about names, Josh and I both fell in love with the name Maryella!"