Jordyn Woods Reportedly 'Goes Through Phases of Missing' Former Best Friend Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and ex-best friend Jordyn Woods may be over — for now at least — but Woods didn't move on without missing the makeup mogul. Just a few months after their friendship split, one source is revealing that Woods has gone in and out of phases of missing Jenner and her 1-year-old daughter Stormi Webster and still wishes she could talk to the Kardashian and Jenner family.

"Despite the fallout between the former BFFs, Jordyn's brand is doing really well," the insider revealed to In Touch. "She's in a good place and no longer feels the need to rely on the Kardashians to be successful. But at the same time, there was more to their friendship than fame and fortune, and even now she goes through phases of missing Kylie and Stormi."

For years, the two relied on one another for support, especially Jenner since she was thrusted into the public eye at such an early age, the young billionaire quickly drew close to the ones she felt she could trust the most and Woods was one of those people. However, now that they aren't as close anymore, Woods has become reliant on her family.

"As Jordyn's super close to her sister, Jodie Woods, she turns to her for advice instead of Kylie," the source continued to explain before adding that Woods has also been hanging out with other celebrities like Meghan Thee Stallion over the summer since she and Jenner weren't side-by-side.

Despite the young public figures not being friends anymore, Woods did open up and admit that she hopes it will only be temporary and that they can get together again one day and rekindle their relationship.

"I love her ... that's my home," she confessed to Cosmopolitan U.K. "I hope everything falls into place and that we all can grow and build our relationships with our family and God and come back together one day and be stronger and happier. A lot of people can be around when things are good, but you don't know who's really around until things are bad."

Woods sliced their friendship in half after she hooked up with Khloé Kardashian's ex-boyfriend and father to her child True, Tristan Thompson. The incident happened back in Februrary when the two were caught at an after party together where they were seen getting cozy and eventually kissed. When the Kardashians found out and relayed the news to Jenner, the family couldn't help but to stick together as they booted Woods out of their inner circle.


In the meantime, Woods has been getting in the gym to release her stress and emotions there. After losing her dad in 2017 and then the split from Jenner, she says that it helps her feel better both mentally and physically.