Jon Gosselin Is Hopeful for Family Reunion Ahead of Father's Day

Jon Gosselin is hopeful that he and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin can put their differences aside for [...]

Jon Gosselin is hopeful that he and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin can put their differences aside for at least one weekend, with just days to go before Father's Day. in a new interview Saturday, the former reality TV star said he hopes to see all of his children on June 20. Gosselin, 44, has full custody of Hannah and Collin, but his other six children are with Kate, 46. The former couple are parents to 20-year-old twins Mady and Cara; and Collin and Hannah's fellow sextuplets, Alexis, Joel, Aeden, and Leah.

Gosselin "always" has hope he will see his six other children on important holidays, he told HollywoodLife. "I hope one day maybe they just knock on my door or maybe drop me a line or text me. Something like that," he said, adding that he has to "hold on to hope" that he can tell them he loves them and will always be there to support them.

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"I'm not going to give up but I can't dwell on the whys and hows," Gosselin, who lives in Pennsylvania, said. "I just have to focus on getting myself right and the ones that are here and doing the best that I can and being centered and being in a good relationship and focusing on myself as well."

Gosselin said he still loves all his children, even though he doesn't have frequent contact with them. Hannah frequently talks to them though, he said. "I love my kids, all of them. Even though I'm kind of estranged from Mady and Cara, I hope one day that they just call me up and just talk to me," Gosselin added.

Gosselin and Kate were married from 1999 to 2009. They were featured in several specials before TLC began airing Jon & Kate Plus 8, which turned into Kate Plus 8 after their divorce. Gosselin has cut ties with TLC, but Kate appeared in the network as recently as 2019 to star in the short-lived Kate Plus Date. After their nasty divorce, a custody battle began. In 2018, Gosselin received full legal and physical custody of Collin, and Hannah chose to join them. Today, Gosselin works in IT for Amazon and as a DJ.

In March, Kate put more distance between herself and Gosselin by moving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. A source told InTouch Weekly in late March that the children were not initially "on board" with the decision. Aeden, Joel, Leah, and Alexis were not thrilled with starting classes at a new school. Mady and Cara, who are now in college, later came around to the idea and are "fine with it," a source said.