Jill Duggar Lets Her Son Eat Gum Pulled out From Her Hair, and Fans Have Thoughts

Just hours after facing backlash for laughing at her "scared" son Samuel during a recent car drive, Jill (Duggar) Dillard is facing mom-shamers yet again. On Monday, Aug. 26, the former Counting On star documented a sticky situation she found herself in after her 4-year-old son Israel got gum stuck in her hair. The criticism started rolling in after Dillard revealed that she had allowed her son to chew the gum after they got it out.

"When your 4-year-old loses his gum in your hair [laughing out loud], [mom probs]," Dillard captioned a photo shared to her Instagram Story showing herself searching through her hair to find the lost gum.

"He's helping me look now [laughing out loud]," she wrote atop a second photo of Israel lending a helping hand.

"Found it!" she captioned a third photo, in which the gum in question could be seen in the palm of her hand. "And now he's chewing it again. [laughing out loud]."

You can see photos of the sticky fiasco via In Touch Weekly by clicking here.

Although Duggar found the situation humorous, and likely assumed her fans would, too, many thought it was disgusting and weren't afraid to share their opinions on her most recent Instagram post showing off her latest brownie recipe.

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"Why is your child eating gum from your hair?" one person asked. "Ew."

"That made me feel sick," one fan responded to the comment before questioning Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard's parenting choices. "Why do they let a child that age chew gum???"

"According to doctors it's fine to chew at 4, but FROM SOMEONE'S HAIR? That's next level," someone responded. "Next he'll be taking chewed gum off from under a random table and eating it. Also she might really need a haircut if they couldn't find it..."

"Whyyyyyy on earth would you let your child chew gum that was stuck in your hair?" another person questioned the decision. "Disgusting."


"This!" one Counting On fan replied. "Like I don't want to troll but I really don't understand how someone can lack that much self-awareness that they post that, so I'm hoping these comments help her. I sincerely mean that."

This marks just the latest controversy surrounding Dillard's parenting of Israel. Earlier this month, she faced backlash after sharing a photo of the 4-year-old wearing a bib, which many not only thought he was too old for, but suggested was due to the fact Dillard was too "lazy" and didn't want to show Israel the proper ways to eat and not make a mess.