Jill Duggar's Tight Pants Cause a Fan Frenzy

Jill (Duggar) Dillard is breaking away from her family's fashion rules, but some fans think the Counting On cast member's tight pants are distracting from her Christian message.

The 26-year-old TLC cast member has been spotted wearing pants a lot recently, but a recent Instagram by husband Derick Dillard has some thinking she's crossed the line with "modest modern" fashion.

In the photo, Dillard is shown talking to a group of young women about "God-centered relationships" while wearing what appears to be black jeans or jeggings and a looser dusty rose top with matching sweater.

"My beautiful wife speaking to a group of young ladies at a school today about God-centered relationships!" Dillard captioned the photo. "So proud of her! #relationships #ChristCentered."

The reality TV personality's outfit looks pretty conservative for someone who isn't aware of her background, but can be seen as a daring move away from her conservative Christian family's rule that women can't wear pants.

"First time I've ever seen her wear pants and she looks AMAZING!" one fan commented.

"Proud to see her wearing pants!!" another added.

Other commenters thought Derick was wrong to allow his wife to wear pants.

"They made a strong impact on a lot of people because of their religious beliefs and their ideas of modesty, like wearing dresses rather than wearing pants..." one person said. "You told your fans why you only wore dresses way back when. Why not explain to your fans why you've started wearing pants now."

But at least one follower thought the whole pants debate was taking away from Duggars ministry work.


"I find it absolutely so stupid how everyone is so excited that she wears pants," they said. "There are more posts about her clothing than there is about her ministry and what she is doing for others. So wearing dresses is all of a sudden such a horrible thing. When did being different a bad thing. So to be everyone's hero you have to look just like everyone else. Pants/skirts it's all about the heart and what they are doing for Christ as long as they are modest why is their clothes such a big issue. It takes more guts in this day and age of haters to wear skirts and be different then to wear pants."

Photo credit: Twitter / @babywiselife