Jill Duggar Jokes About Drinking a 'Regular' Coffee After Surprising Fans With Alcoholic Drink

Even Jill (Duggar) Dillard is poking some fun after shocking fans confirming she drinks alcohol. Just days after the former Counting On star threw fans for a loop when she revealed she was sipping on an alcoholic piña colada, Dillard took to Instagram to reveal she also enjoys a more toned-down beverage: coffee.

On Thursday, the mom of two shared a photo of her and husband Derick Dillard enjoying a "morning coffee date" in their car, 3-year-old son Samuel Scott tagging along, though he was not visible in the photo. The couple are also parents to 5-year-old son Israel David. Dillard said that making the date even sweeter was the fact that "it was free this time (had a couple coupons...sorry, local people...no current deals that I’m aware of)."

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After making waves earlier in the week for her drink of choice, Dillard quipped, "Oh, and since it seems y'all are interested in my choice of drinks recently (lol recent post)...yes, this was a REGULAR coffee (I.e. full caf) white chocolate mocha with coconut milk." She added the hashtags "date time," "morning coffee," and "7 brew," among several others, and fans were quick to applaud the humorous final note.

In one response, a fan wrote, "I'm dying laughing! Love you guys," prompting Dillard to write back, "you know derick & i were cracking up at all of it and had to post." Another person commented, "When Jill's drinking the coffee, but really is spilling the tea." Several more said that they loved "the snark" Dillard was showcasing in the caption, while somebody else quipped that the mom of two "deserves some Kahlua in her coffee every now and then!"


The humor came after Dillard, over the weekend, sent fans into a frenzy not at the revelation that she and Dillard are "still honeymooning," but over the fact that the Counting On alum admitted that she, too, enjoys an adult beverage every now and then. Sharing a photo from her and Derick's date night, one curious fan had asked, "drink looks amazing what is it?" Dillard confessed that it was a "regular" piña colada, rather than the non-alcoholic alternative.

Given the Duggar family's strict and conservative lifestyle, the news surprised many fans, though it was also met with plenty of praise. Dillard's comment section quickly became flooded with fans supporting her decision to have an alcoholic beverage on occasion, one person writing, "Good for you, Jill!!"