'Jersey Shore' Alum Angelina Pivarnick Gets Real About Jwoww Feud

It seemed like the feud between Jersey Shore outcast Angelina Pivarnick and the rest of the cast may have finally came to a peaceful end — until Pivarnick said she has unfinished business with Jenni "Jwoww" Farley.

Despite the heated confrontation between her and Farley on Thursday's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Pivarnick told TMZ that the two were in a decent place until Pivarnick heard interviews Farley gave after the fact, having to do with a Change.org petition Pivarnick retweeted months ago to get her on the reboot series.

"When I seen the interviews after the fact, I just was like, 'Wait, what the hell? why is she saying all this?'"

"Did it work? I don't know. Did it promote me? Yes it did. I'm thankful for that fan," she said of the Change.org petition. But she went on to say she had beef with the way Farley criticized the Change.org petition.

"...But I saw Jenni going in on me in the press, saying 'Oh, Change.org, that's like to save dolphins.' 'I save cats. I'm a big animal lover. So if you're gonna sit there and come at me... Don't ever go at me with animals. Because I'm a big animal lover and I rescue cats and I rescue dogs and everything like that," Pivarnick said. "That pissed me off so bad."

But it seems that the feud has a soft side, with Pivarnick saying she thinks Farley is a "good person" and that she respects her and looks up to her as a mother.

Having been sent home from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation after her drama played out, Pivarnick sounds like she would be open to another reunion to re-hash her feelings with Farley.

"I'm not gonna sit there and belittle her and talk trash about her, but I am gonna say there's a lot of things that need to be re-hashed and spoken about. Especially at our older age where we're not little kids anymore. We're not in our 20s, we're in our 30s," Pivarnick said. "We're adults now and things should be handled differently."

"I would love to be her friend in the future, but as long as she understands she needs to respect me," she added.

The Jersey Shore roommates were shocked to find Pivarnick on their doorstep during their Miami vacation earlier this season. Farley told TooFab how stunned she was after she returned home from two days in New Jersey.

"Oh, my God -- I was dumbfounded," Farley said. "I was spending time with my kids, it was a nice 48 hours, I go back, I'm like super excited, super refreshed -- and then she's like right there. It took a while to digest. It was literally like a car crash scene where the whole camera jerks. Like, that was my point of view when I stepped in the house and saw her there."

Farley told TooFab she lost her voice after seeing Pivarnick again and she laughed when recalling Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's reaction to seeing her.

"No, like even to this day, he still talks about how shocked he was. Poor thing," Farley said. "I mean, listen, I don't know how they played out my reaction, but I was just as shocked. His was priceless."

Although she had her differences with Pivarnick during Jersey Shore's original run, Farley said she did not complain to the producers about her presence this time.


"At the end of the day, we know there are certain things that create good shows," Farley told TooFab. "And she was part of it from the beginning. I would feel pretty beat up if I saw the success of my roommates after choosing to leave two times, but getting that unbelievable third chance -- I would take it, too."

Pivarnick was one of the original Jersey Shore cast members, appearing in the first three episodes of season 1 before getting fired. She returned for season 2 but left after 10 episodes after her confrontations with Sorrentino and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. She made cameos in the fifth and sixth seasons.